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Being Way More Romantic With Your Partner

Being Way More Romantic With Your Partner. When you first comprehend certain fundamental concepts about love, learning how to be more romantic becomes simpler.

According to the triangle theory of love, love is made up of three fundamental elements:

  • Intimacy is defined as “feelings of kinship, bonding, and intimacy experienced in loving relationships:
  • “Drives that lead to romance, physical attraction, and sexual consummation” are referred to as passion.
  • Commitment is defined as “the decision to love somebody in the near term and the commitment to upholding that love in the long term.”

Maintaining a good balance of these three if you’ve been in a marriage or relationship for long enough — and by long enough, I mean any amount of time after the honeymoon period. It can be difficult to keep these three characteristics in a healthy balance.

Men, I know we frequently believe that the best way to keep your relationship or marriage peaceful is to buy her an expensive gift or go on a lavish vacation.

But in truth, if you make it a habit of doing small acts of kindness for her, those small acts of kindness will do more to maintain your love than any one-time extravagant vacation or gift ever can.

15 methods to show your wife or girlfriend more, love

1.Add some flair to your love letters.

A love note is wonderful because it requires some thought.
Putting it in a position where you know she will look but won’t be expecting it will add to the enjoyment.
Purchase a special laser-cut pop-up card from Lovepop to add a little additional flair to your love letter.
Greeting cards are pricey, but they’re a game-changer in the industry.

2.Sneak an embrace.

Kissing someone quickly and abruptly is the meaning of kissing someone in the dictionary.
What could be cuter than that?
It conveys to the woman in your life that she is appealing regardless of what she’s doing, she’s always talking to you.

3.When she’s looking, compliment her.

Complimenting her right then and there might increase or even increase her sense of self-worth and affection, which will then increase her feelings of intimacy, desire, and devotion to you.

4.Take on a household task you often avoid.

She will understand that a balanced life is vital to you if you take the time to complete a little more cleaning.
Pick up some extra slack to ensure she has time for herself.


Women prefer to participate in decision-making, but does she need to decide everything for the two of you?
Being decisive may be highly romantic since it demonstrates to a lady that you are aware of her wants and that you are willing to take the initiative to make them happen.

6.Shock her by turning up at a significant occasion.

She will know she is your priority if you are adaptable and there for her when she needs you.

7.Switch off your phone.

Do you know how you feel when she goes out of her way to win your favor?
Women have similar needs.
Make talking on the phone to your wife a no-phubbing zone.
Leave the electronics somewhere else and spend that time being in the moment with her.

8.Get her ready for a hot bath.

This can lessen the daily tensions that her job can cause for her.
Don’t forget the wine, oils, and bath salts.

9.Admit that she is correct.

It’s less about giving when you tell your wife she’s right.
regarding validation more.
She will feel heard and understood more if you acknowledge her words.

10.Share a stargazing session.

Such items aid in putting things into perspective.
How wonderful is it to contemplate the vastness of the cosmos and your two respective roles within it together?

11.Describe your feelings towards her.

When you can articulate why you love and select your wife, it is satisfying for both of you.
She would understand that you are sincere by doing this.

12.Nothing compares to a husband or boyfriend’s touch.

To create and strengthen love, contact is essential, according to Aaron Ben-Zeév Ph.D.
When physical affection is a big aspect of the relationship, people are happier in their relationships.

13.Enjoy a movie or comedy together.

The more you can laugh together, the closer you will feel because laughing is a helpful action.

14.Find new ways to express your love.

In this new age of technology, it’s an intriguing approach to express your affection through texts and emoticons.

You might paint the words or, much better, enclose a love letter in a bottle.
Imagination fuels passion.

15.Let her know you’re available to help.

Let her know that she can rely on you without ever having to worry.

Make it clear to her that you will be there for her in times of need and be a great teammate.

Afterward, make sure you honor it.

You can forget that small acts of kindness keep love alive if you’ve been in a marriage or relationship for a long time.

She will know she is loved, valued, and a priority in your life if you use any of these simple, extra-romantic ideas more frequently.