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HomeRelationshipIt is a choice to cheat.

It is a choice to cheat.

It is a choice to cheat. In a relationship, cheating happens way too frequently.
Both celebrities and average people are frequently criticized by the media, their ex-significant others, and the persistent paparazzi.

Some people have chosen to keep quiet, while others come clean right immediately.
But watching the cheaters come clean has been intriguing.

What causes people to lie?
I’ve heard these sad laments, and as a man, I can’t help but roll my eyes.

Now that they want me to believe they are sorry, these cheating men were perfectly content to walk about town with their mistresses in tow while their unaware partners held down the fort and frequently provided for the children. Puh-lease.

These cheaters don’t feel bad.

They’re merely sad they were discovered.

Additionally, “actual men” discuss infidelity in TV shows, magazine articles, and blog postings now that it is a hot topic of conversation.
These men are sort of experts on cheating because they have done it.
And look, I’m not here to judge their adultery; I just have a problem with their justification.

Like many cheating guys, these “genuine men” offer a variety of explanations for why they cheated, including the following:

  • “She bugged me all the time. I had to leave immediately.”
  • “I had the impression that I was acting. I ceased being authentic. The only way I could shrug it off was to lie.”
  • “I wasn’t intending it.
  • An accident occurred.”

Bull is my response to these and any further arguments.

Sorry, fellas.
You can use that argument with the media, your mothers, or your now-divorced spouses or girlfriends, but it is ineffective when used with someone who has firsthand knowledge of the situation.

But let’s be clear about something.
I understand that not everyone is suited to monogamy.
Numerous people contend that it isn’t a “natural state” for men.

I believe that such folks are correct in many aspects.
DNA-wise, neither gender is focused on the sanctity of marriage but rather is driven by instincts to perpetuate our species.

Although people now assert that they are civilized, if someone chooses to enter the world of loyalty, marriage, and commitment, they should uphold the ideals that go along with that decision.
Don’t get married if you don’t want to commit!

It is always an option to cheat.

Everyone who says it was “an accident” or provides any other explanation is lying to their faces.

What causes people to lie?
They’re choosing to lie, though, for one very clear reason: selfishness.

They are breaching the confidence of their significant other by caring more about sleeping with someone else.
And there is a specific kind of treachery reserved for a man’s wife or girlfriend.
What makes it unique?
Because males typically only betray the women they swear they would love, not their closest friends.
These are, to put it bluntly, men without honor.
Give the other party the politeness you would expect yourself if you were to cheat:
Quit the partnership.

I’ve said as much to guys, and many of them reply, “It’s not that simple.”
If it’s not straightforward, then perhaps you should consider the possible repercussions of cheating.

Please be aware that I am speaking as a man who has had plenty of opportunities to cheat when I say all of this.
Over 1,200 women were in my meetings when I was writing my book, and many more have reached out to me since it was published.

Ever needed to give in?

Yes, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t find several of these women to be attractive (with many openly flirting with me).
However, I had no intention of ever lying.

My wife might not have known if I had made that decision, but I would have.
Knowing that I had just humiliated her, diminished the worth of our friendship, and compromised my honor, I would have had to look her in the eye — my wife, my friend.
Not this person, I’m sorry.

It appears that some men can rationalize in their minds that lying is “simply what guys do.”

Okay, good question. Who are you trying to persuade, pal?
You or I?
The bottom line for men is this: Get married if you want to.
Talk about it or at the very least have the courtesy to leave her first if you want to sleep with other people.

It’s not necessary to become a jerk while trampling on her self-esteem.
And ladies, before you take him back because you “love him so much,” you should consider how much you love and cherish yourself. I would never imply that “once a cheater, always a cheater” is a universal truth.

He just demonstrated to you how little he cares by cheating on you.