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HomeNews"Handshake? Hata iitwe Leg Shake, I’m not boarding" – MP Wamuchomba Says

“Handshake? Hata iitwe Leg Shake, I’m not boarding” – MP Wamuchomba Says

“Handshake? Hata iitwe Leg Shake, I’m not boarding” – MP Wamuchomba Says

Githunguri Member of Parliament (MP) Gathoni Wamuchomba has distanced herself from the mulled discussions involving an inclusive government.

In a statement on her X account on July 11, 2024, Wamuchomba expressed her disapproval of a handshake arrangement between the Opposition leaders and the Kenya Kwanza administration.

“Handshake? Hata iitwe a leg shake I’m not boarding. Selling talk is cheap; let’s sell actions. Kenya ni home,” Wamuchomba said.

The firebrand MP advised leaders to take action on the deliverables set out by the youth instead of holding talks.

President William Ruto has outlined that a multi-sectoral dialogue will begin on Monday, July 15, 2024, and bring together some 150 people drawn from different sectors of the country.

The discussions are set to discuss issues ranging from the ballooning public debt, corruption, police brutality, expansion of the democratic space, and tax policy among other pressing issues.

Earlier in the week, Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga expressed interest in the planned dialogue, saying the time was right to engage in meaningful discussions to heal the nation.

Raila on handshake

Odinga has come under fire from the Kenyan youth after he implied that he was speaking on behalf of the youth who have since said they do not subscribe to any leader or party.

On Wednesday, July 10, 2024, ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna quelled the dissent by clarifying that Raila was referring to his supporters and not the Gen Zs when he advocated for dialogue.

“Baba hajasema anaenda kuongelelea Gen Z. Gen Z walisema wako leaderless. Walimwambia yeye si leader wao lakini Baba ako na watu anaongoza. Sio kila mtu ako leaderless. Sio kila mtu ako partyless. Mimi nko na party mimi ni SG wa iyo chama. Pia sisi tuko na stake kwa hii nchi na hatuwezi kaa kama leaders na tunyamaze hivi na vitu zinaharibika unaona,” Sifuna said.


The Nairobi Senator told the youth that the ODM leader had a political base he was speaking to and that he was not part of the X Spaces arranged by President Ruto on July 5, 2024, and streamed by the Gen Zs.

“Tyranny ni kitu mbaya. Wao si walifanya X Spaces yao na Rais uliona Sifuna huko ama Raila? Hapana. So kwanini Raila akienda kuongea (wanalalamika). Raila anaongoza pia watu. He is a leader. Sio kila mtu ni leaderless kuna watu wako na leaders na hao leaders pia wanataka kuongea kwa sababu hii nchi sisi wote tutaijenga,” he added.

The sentiments were echoed by ODM party chairman John Mbadi who charged at the youth, saying the party should not be lectured about protests as they have participated in them before.

Mbadi said the discussions were a recommendation of the National Dialogue Committee (NADCO) report following violent protests last year where ODM protesters against the Finance Bill 2023 were killed and injured.

“Handshake? Hata iitwe Leg Shake, I’m not boarding” – MP Wamuchomba Says