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HomeNewsFresh Details Emerge in Shooting Incident Outside Nightclub

Fresh Details Emerge in Shooting Incident Outside Nightclub

Fresh Details Emerge in Shooting Incident Outside Nightclub

A conflict outside a well-known nightclub in Kiambu on Saturday night, which led to the fatal shooting of an engineer from the American Embassy, started with an argument between groups accusing each other of seducing their women.

According to court documents reviewed by Gossipa2z.com, the tragic event on Saturday night resulted in the death of 35-year-old Anthony Njomo Kiuno.

The court documents identify Nason Kiteme and Joseph Njenga as the primary respondents in the case.

These individuals were reportedly part of two groups enjoying their evening when a dispute over women intensified.

“The first respondent was at Quick-in Lounge promoting the music of musician John Njagi with others when a conflict arose between the second respondent and his group,” a DCI officer investigating the murder informed the Kiambu law courts.

“A fight broke out between the two parties, each accusing the other of seducing their women.”


One of the groups involved was reportedly protected by armed security during the altercation, which extended outside the nightclub.

“The altercation moved outside Quick-in Lounge, where a group with armed security shot a bystander near the conflict area,” the DCI officer added.

Investigations revealed that the shooting victim was not part of the commotion.

Meanwhile, the two suspects will be held for ten days as detectives continue to investigate the murder.

Authorities are still searching for the actual shooter, who remains at large.

Quick-in Lounge, where the incident occurred, stated to the media on Sunday that they had provided CCTV footage of the event to the police.

The lounge management emphasized that guns are prohibited on their premises and noted that the incident happened just outside, captured by road-facing CCTV cameras.

Fresh Details Emerge in Shooting Incident Outside Nightclub