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Fraudster Who Filmed Tragic Mum’s Body Also Duped Women into Taking Gym Photos

Fraudster Who Filmed Tragic Mum’s Body Also Duped Women into Taking Gym Photos

The ghoul who filmed the body of Nicola Bulley being pulled from the river is a con artist who duped women into taking gym photos.

Curtis Arnold, a 34-year-old bodybuilder, deceived police and secretly filmed as officers recovered the mother from the River Wyre in Lancashire.

Curtis Arnold is a fraudster who took pictures of young women in the gym

The ghoul who filmed the body of Nicola Bulley being pulled from the river is a con artist who duped women into taking gym photos.

Curtis Arnold, a 34-year-old bodybuilder, deceived police and secretly filmed as officers recovered the mother from the River Wyre in Lancashire.

Arnold, who operates a barbershop in Kidderminster, has a lengthy criminal record dating back to his early 20s, including a 2018 conviction for fraud.

He visited several London-area gyms posing as a fitness modeling agent seeking models to promote a company’s line of women’s leggings.

Without their permission, he took a series of sexually explicit photos and videos of women, which he shared on social media to promote his fitness products.

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After being convicted of fraud by false representation, he served time in the notorious London prison of Wormwood Scrubs.

According to a source at the prison, he was unpopular with the staff.

According to the source, he was a very narcissistic and manipulative individual who frequently attempted to manipulate female employees, particularly education staff.

“He would tell them they were beautiful or that he preferred them to other officers.

“He would make inappropriate comments, ask for their cell phone numbers, and request to see them outside of the prison.

When he began asking female employees to smuggle in phones and drugs for him, however, it was noted in his report.

Fraudster Who Filmed Tragic Mum’s Body Also Duped Women into Taking Gym Photos. According to the source, Arnold was fired from his position as a reception orderly at the prison, a trusted position dealing with incoming inmates.

“It was discovered that he was part of a group that smuggled contraband into the prison, so he was fired,” they continued.

Arnold’s tainted past includes a six-month suspended prison sentence issued by Hereford Crown Court in March 2010 for perverting the course of justice in connection with altering his automobile license plate.

In October of that year, he was hauled back before the courts for violation of a suspended sentence after he was arrested for driving under the influence on the M6 while nearly twice the legal limit.

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The following month, he pled guilty to receiving two stolen license plates from a West Bromwich-parked vehicle.

In the same month, the court was informed that Arnold had broken into a garage in Kidderminster and stolen tools.

Although he admitted to burglary, it is unknown what his sentence was.

Incredibly, the then 22-year-old evaded jail time for the violation because he was beginning to demonstrate maturity by working hard to become a personal trainer.

Instead, the judge imposed eight days of community service for the violation and a one-year community order for handling stolen license plates.

Arnold was fined £500 and banned from driving for three years for driving under the influence of alcohol.


Arnold, who is unmarried and lives in a three-bedroom detached house close to the barbershop he owns, stated that his criminal convictions “have nothing to do” with the Nicola Bulley case and are “old news.”

“I’ve had my punishment,” he added, insisting that “it wasn’t young women” that he photographed in gyms.

Arnold also stated that allegations he deceived a police officer to gain access to the Nicola Bulley crime scene are “misleading.”

He stated, “I passed by to find out what was going on, and the video of the police entering the river was captured on the opposite side of the river half an hour later.”

When asked if he was profiting from the videos he has uploaded, he responded, “Not really; it cost me £80 in gas to get there and back, and I’m not making much more than that from the videos.”

The number of views is not millions, but rather thousands.

Arnold regrets posting the video online.

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“Of course I do, the videos on there are very helpful to people, I have that feedback, but that particular video…yeah, perhaps it was a step too far, but at the time the major media were rushing over there to film it and I just assumed that, yeah, great, I can just get what they’re getting because so many people want to watch,” he said.

“However, in hindsight, perhaps I should not have posted that video; I have since removed it, but I cannot retrieve it.”

Since being exposed, he has received severe backlash, he said.

“My house has been vandalized, my car has been vandalized, my workplace has been vandalized, I’ve been assaulted, I’ve received death threats, and I’ve had all sorts of drama,” he said.

He hung up when The Sun began to question him about his criminal convictions and read some of the charges against him, which included filming young women in leggings.


Arnold’s social media profiles claiming to provide “media and journalism with a twist,” but he conceals his identity online.

He avoids appearing on camera and occasionally uses a photo of Nicola’s partner Paul Ansell as his profile picture.

But he was unmasked after his digital footprint and channel rebranding led authorities to his barbershop.

Within ten days, the powerlifter made five six-hour round trips from his home in Worcestershire to St Michael’s on Wyre to acquire content for his online audience.

Arnold’s most revolting video from the village begins with his GoPro, secured to his neck with a harness, filming a male police officer blocking his path.

He deceives the officer into allowing him to pass by claiming that he must return to his parked car and stating that he is from Blackpool.

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Arnold asks a female colleague on the other side of the cordon, “What’s going on down there?” as dozens of officers assemble and a police helicopter and drone hover above. I have walked down and he has not allowed me to pass.”

She also instructs him to leave the area, but the video then cuts to Arnold secretly filming officers lifting what appears to be a body bag.

Many viewers were horrified by his footage with the headline “Nicola Bulley breaking police found something.”

One wrote, “This is reprehensible! Imagine if that were a loved one of yours. I hope that her relatives do not see this.”

Someone else stated, “You need to use your head when filming this.” One day, her children will see this, you scumbag.”

Someone who knows Arnold well remarked, “He will do anything for more views to make more money.”

He gives all TikTok users a bad name.

At one point, the police had to issue a 48-hour dispersal order to clear the village of outsiders due to the influx of detectives.

Lancashire Police has been criticized for its general handling of the investigation.

The 23-day search for Nicola, a mortgage consultant, has resulted in three inquiries from the outside.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct is investigating an officer’s visit to the family’s residence two weeks ago.

In addition, the College of Policing will review both the hunt and the decision to disclose information about a menopause-related alcohol problem.

Three months before her disappearance, Lancashire Police was criticized by watchdogs, as reported by The Sun last night.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary concluded that the force “needs to improve its investigation of crime.”

In addition, the report stated that officers did not “always conduct thorough and timely investigations” and that “victims are not always informed of progress.”

Nicola was discovered a mile downstream from where she was believed to have fallen into the water.