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HomeNewsFootballer Linked to Notorious Kenyan Criminal Shot Dead: The Shimoli Family Saga

Footballer Linked to Notorious Kenyan Criminal Shot Dead: The Shimoli Family Saga

Footballer Linked to Notorious Kenyan Criminal Shot Dead: The Shimoli Family Saga

Leone Shimoli, the son of Edward Maina Shimoli, notoriously known as Carlos the Jackal, met his demise last week in Nairobi County’s Industrial Area. He was shot by plainclothes police officers during a robbery attempt.

Shimoli recognized as a popular footballer in Jericho, attempted to flee from the police dragnet but was ultimately confronted and shot on May 22. He and his gang were notorious for causing chaos along various busy Nairobi roads, including Lusaka Road, Enterprise Road, and Dunga Road.

Known for targeting fans at Camp Toyoyo Stadium in Jericho, Shimoli was one of three suspects killed by the officers involved, who left the scene afterward.

Makadara police commander Judith Nyongesa stated that Shimoli and his accomplices were involved in robbing members of the public, and seizing money, mobile phones, and other valuables.

The police operation, spearheaded by Industrial Area officers informed by a concerned citizen, targeted mobile phone snatchers who had been terrorizing the public for some time. The suspects were riding a black Boxer motorcycle with registration number KMFG 753Q.

The gang’s first victim, Benard Mutua, had his mobile phone stolen at gunpoint while on his way to a job interview. The ensuing police chase along Dunga Road led to a gunfire exchange lasting over seven minutes, causing pedestrians and motorists to seek cover.


Eventually, the suspects were subdued by the police after running out of ammunition. They were found in possession of a Beretta pistol but lacked a magazine. Police recovered items such as school books, a student’s card, and a national identity card belonging to Paul Kingsley.

Nyongesa emphasized the police’s efforts to combat crime in Makadara Sub-County, collaborating closely with the Makadara DCIO Mr. Martin Korongo.

Residents in Jericho expressed relief at Shimoli’s demise, attributing sleepless nights to his criminal activities. Shimoli was notorious for befriending individuals before robbing them, reminiscent of his father’s tactics. Edward Maina Shimoli likened to the notorious Venezuelan terrorist Carlos the Jackal, had a history of evading the police, much like his son.

In a tragic case of mistaken identity in 2018, police shot and killed Arnold Okong’o, thinking he was Shimoli. However, Okong’o, also known as Randy, was later revealed to be a close associate of Shimoli.

Thomas Okong’o, Shimoli’s father and head coach of Jericho All Stars Football Club, contested the police’s allegations of his son’s involvement in criminal activities.

Edward Maina Shimoli’s criminal legacy looms large in Kenya’s history. His daring escapes from prison, including a notable one in 1996 from Kamiti Maximum Prison, cemented his reputation as one of the country’s most elusive criminals. He was involved in numerous shootouts with law enforcement and met his end along Kang’undo Road in Nairobi in 2007.

Footballer Linked to Notorious Kenyan Criminal Shot Dead: The Shimoli Family Saga