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Fiery Faceoff: Arati Confronts CS Machogu, County Commissioner at Kisii Burial

Fiery Faceoff: Arati Confronts CS Machogu, County Commissioner at Kisii Burial

The Education Cabinet Secretary, Ezekiel Machogu, and Kisii Governor Simba Arati engaged in a confrontation on Friday during a burial ceremony, signaling a further deterioration in the attempts by local leaders to curb violent incidents at funerals in the region.

The Minister of Education was disturbed by a group of young individuals who expressed disapproval by booing while he delivered a eulogy from the president at the funeral of Daniel Nyariki, the Principal of Kisii National Polytechnic.

The CS was addressing the audience from the podium when Governor Arati casually walked in, briefly interrupting the funeral speeches.

He asserted that young individuals were recruited and transported to support leaders, including himself.

Delving into the matter of confrontations during funerals in the area, Machogu issued a cautionary message, expressing concern that the community could suffer consequences if it permits its leaders to transport troublemakers to burial ceremonies.

He pointed the finger at Arati, accusing him of inciting violence during funeral ceremonies.

He expressed concern that it bodes negatively for African culture when young people are transported to disrupt the proceedings of other leaders’ funerals.

“As a people, especially here in Gusii, we attend burials to mourn the departed and console the bereaved, not to ferry youth to come, fight and boo leaders when speaking,” Machogu stated before walking out together with other leaders in a huff.

Later on, Arati retaliated by characterizing Machogu as lacking popularity in the area due to the number of votes he received in the gubernatorial election.

He went on to propose another gubernatorial competition in 2027, pledging to emerge victorious once more.

“He (Machogu) should thank President William Ruto for salvaging him from the ruins, I had given him a resounding defeat.

” He should not stand here lecturing me,” Arati said minutes after the CS had left.


Principal Nyariki passed away two weeks ago while receiving treatment in Nairobi.

Arati confronted the recently appointed County Commissioner, Joseph Kibet, expressing displeasure as he reprimanded him for delivering a stern warning regarding the escalating violence in Kisii.

“Wewe umepewa kazi fanya, hakuna kuleta vitisho. Wewe ukitaka kura enda kwenu utafute kura uko,” Arati said.

“Mimi siwezi kuwa mwendawazimu kulipa hawa watu wote kuja kwenye matanga, na kama ningekuwa na uwezo basi mwogope.”

Early Arati had sauntered into the tent causing a stir and sparking jeers from some youth.

The president’s eulogy, spoken by Machogu, was briefly overshadowed by the mocking remarks from the crowd.

The boisterous young individuals strategically positioned in a corner of the tent vociferously challenged certain leaders.

“We are not going to allow youth to be bribed with little cash to come and cause anarchy in burials. It is shameful, uncultured and barbaric,” Machogu said.

County Commissioner Joseph Kibet, present at the scene, directly confronted Governor Arati, cautioning that he would exert every effort to quell the violence that had occurred in the area.

“I say this and I start with you Governor that I did not come here on holiday but to work and bring order. I promise you that we shall act on any form of lawlessness,” he stated.

Subsequently, during a speech at a different funeral in Gesusu, CS Machogu cautioned against the practice of displaying disrespect towards the deceased.

Education CS Ezekiel Machogu speaking in Gesusu during the burial of a kin on Friday

Fiery Faceoff: Arati Confronts CS Machogu, County Commissioner at Kisii Burial