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HomeNewsFarah Maalim Ousted by Wiper, Summoned Over Anti-Ruto Demo Comments

Farah Maalim Ousted by Wiper, Summoned Over Anti-Ruto Demo Comments

Farah Maalim Ousted by Wiper, Summoned Over Anti-Ruto Demo Comments

The Wiper Democratic Movement–Kenya has declared full-scale opposition against its deputy party leader, Farah Maalim, due to his recent remarks on handling anti-government protests, which resulted in demonstrators storming and occupying Parliament.

Mr. Maalim, representing Daadab, was recorded in a video, which he has since denied, suggesting extreme and severe measures against the protesters, including mass killings, as he deemed their actions akin to a coup attempt.

He allegedly made these comments in Somali but dismissed the video on Tuesday as “doctored.”

However, his party remains resolute.

On Wednesday, the party’s top leadership, led by Kalonzo Musyoka, decided to expel Mr. Maalim, accusing him of failing to uphold Wiper’s principles.

The party’s National Executive Council (NEC) also recommended stripping the MP of all parliamentary leadership roles, including his position on the speaker’s panel.

Mr. Maalim is among those who defied the party’s stance by voting “Yes” for the controversial Finance Bill 2024, which has since been retracted.

“The NEC recommends expulsion from the party to the National Delegates Convention, the party’s highest authority,” stated Wiper Party’s Secretary-General Shakila Abdalla.

Mr. Maalim’s fate will also impact three other leaders whose behavior was deemed inappropriate by the council.


These include Doris Donya Toto, Kisii Women Rep, John Okano Bwire, Taita Taveta MP, and Nominated MP Abubakar Ahmed.

They were criticized for disregarding the party’s position on the Finance Bill 2024. All except Ms. Donya, who abstained, voted “Yes” for the bill.

“They have consistently opposed the party’s position. All four were invited to today’s NEC meeting. None attended, nor did they offer apologies. Their cases have been forwarded to the party’s disciplinary committee,” she added.

Simultaneously, the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) has summoned the deputy National Assembly speaker over his statements.

In a statement, the commission indicated that the comments could incite contempt, hatred, hostility, violence, or discrimination, and disrupt peaceful coexistence among different political groups in Kenya, violating the law.

“Hon. Farah Maalim is required to appear before the Commission to assist with the ongoing investigations,” the commission declared.

“He must appear at the commission this Thursday, July 11, 2024, at 11 am at its offices on the 17th Floor, Britam Tower, Hospital Road, Upper Hill, Nairobi. Failure to appear as scheduled constitutes an offense under Section 63 (c) and Section 63 (e) of the NCI Act.

Farah Maalim Ousted by Wiper, Summoned Over Anti-Ruto Demo Comments