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Essential Checklist: 9 Crucial Pre-Travel Inspections Before Your December Upcountry Trip

Essential Checklist: 9 Crucial Pre-Travel Inspections Before Your December Upcountry Trip

The festivities are around the corner and most Kenyans are looking forward to traveling upcountry to celebrate with their families and unwind from the busy city life.

Car owners need to ensure that their vehicles are capable of making the trip without any issues. Therefore, before embarking on the journey, Kenyan drivers are advised to service their vehicles. Besides this, motorists are also advised to take several precautionary steps before embarking on a journey.

PoliticalPulseChat looks at the steps and why they are beneficial for all looking to make such trips.


Maintain recommended tire pressure levels to prevent issues such as compromised driver control, extended stopping distances, and increased fuel consumption due to low pressure.

Also, inspect tires for foreign objects lodged between the tires and rims.

Assess tread depth, and be vigilant for any cuts, bubbles, or gouges on the tire surface. Insufficient tread poses a heightened risk of losing control, particularly in wet conditions.

Fuel or charge

Before embarking on the journey, the car should have adequate fuel in the tank.

If the car is electric, then it should have enough charge for the journey.

Use recommended fuel to enable the engine to work properly. Physically examine the fuel tanks to ensure no cracks or leaks


To avoid any accidents assess the brake system both internally and externally. Verify proper brake adjustment with the slack adjuster, inspect the brake linings for the appropriate thickness, and ensure that it is free from damage and leaks and properly sealed.

Topping up brake fluid is key in determining how efficiently you can stop without the car skidding.

Headlights and Indicators

A vehicle’s headlights both illuminate the road and provide signals to other drivers.

Ensuring proper exterior lighting should be included in any pre-trip inspection as they come in handy at night or in foggy weather. Check if both headlights are working.

Indicators play a big role when turning and also serve as hazard lights when your car has broken down or when you have an emergency.

Windscreen and Mirrors

The windscreen is important as it gives a driver a clear view of the road. Keep the windscreen clean and free from any particles or stains that may inhibit your vision.

Adjust the mirrors to see down the length of your vehicle and approaching vehicles. The mirrors must be clean for clear reflection.

Wiper blades and Washer Fluid

Wiper blades come in handy especially when it starts to rain. While motorists often forget to maintain wipers, they’re one of the cheapest and easiest car parts you can inspect and repair on your own.

If they are damaged or cracked or the rubber edges are falling off the blade, it’s recommended to get a new pair. Motorists are also advised to refill the washer fluid.

Steering wheel and Seat

Adjust the steering wheel to the correct height to face your chest rather than your face. Make sure you adjust your seat to a position you are comfortable throughout the journey.

It is also important to ensure that the seatbelts are working well as they prevent bodily harm in instances where you break suddenly.

Phone-Enabling Features and Navigation

If in-car phone use is necessary, place it on a mobile phone holder or connect it to the vehicle’s Bluetooth, Apple Carplay, or Android Auto function before driving. If it’s not necessary, just put it on silent to avoid the temptation to use it.

Navigation is an optional feature in most cars but if you are using it, then it’s advisable to turn it on before embarking on the journey.

When driving, it’s also advisable to put minimum volume to stop yourself from being carried away by the songs you play.

Glove Box

Ensure that you have the vehicle’s manual to assist you in certain vehicle functions and features.

Car inspections save us from unforeseen circumstances that we may face while we are on a journey.

If a car develops an issue that cannot be sorted out instantly, then it’s advisable to take it to a mechanic or even use other means.

Essential Checklist: 9 Crucial Pre-Travel Inspections Before Your December Upcountry Trip