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Cruise Ship Charging 2.3M Per Person Docks In Mombasa

Cruise Ship Charging 2.3M Per Person Docks In Mombasa

On Friday, February 2, the MSC Poesia, a high-end cruise ship operated by the Mediterranean Shipping Company, arrived at the Mombasa port with a passenger count of 2,500.

As per the information provided by the Kenya Ports Authority, the upscale cruise ship included a staff of 1,000 individuals, with 20 of them being Kenyan nationals.

The MSC Poesia became the second cruise ship to visit Kenya in 2024, following the arrival of the Norwegian Dawn, which carried 2,300 passengers and docked last month.

“With a length overall of 294 meters, MSC Poesia is one of the biggest cruise vessels to have docked at the Port, barely a month since we hosted another luxury liner, Norwegian Dawn,” KPA stated.

“To be able to add value and support Cruise Tourism, KPA has invested in the requisite infrastructure, including the state-of-the-art cruise terminal to cement Kenya’s status as a hub not only in cargo operations but also cruise tourism in Africa.”


The visit to Mombasa Port is a component of the ship’s 112-night global voyage, which commenced in Barcelona, Spain, on January 7 and is scheduled to conclude on April 28.

The tour is anticipated to enhance Kenya’s tourism industry, contributing to 8.8 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Based on information provided by the Ministry of Tourism, there was a 70.45 percent rise in international travel in 2022 as opposed to the previous year, 2021.

Following a short visit to Kenya, the vessel will set sail for Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, and Seychelles.

According to a check conducted by Kenyans.co.ke, it was found that the expense for each journey on the cruise amounts to Ksh2.3 million per individual.

The cruise ship boasts advanced amenities, including a total of 16 decks, with 13 of them open for passenger access.

Additionally, it provides 16 lounges, three pools, eight jacuzzis, and 20 elevators.

Cruise Ship Charging 2.3M Per Person Docks In Mombasa