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HomeNewsDive Expert: Fearful Outcome for Nicola Bulley

Dive Expert: Fearful Outcome for Nicola Bulley

Dive Expert: Fearful Outcome for Nicola Bulley

A DIVE professional assisting in the search for missing mother Nicola Bulley has provided a heartbreaking update on the case.

Peter Faulding stated that Nicola is not in the river near the location where she disappeared and “may never be found.”

Her partner Paul Ansell recently visited the scene with Mr Faulding
Divers have searched the river for days without success

He said: “She might never be located. We cannot say. No one is aware. It is uncommon because normally you would have evidence.

“Here, there is nothing. The only evidence we have is a phone and a dog harness.”

Mr. Faulding reportedly shared his findings with Nicola’s boyfriend Paul Ansell yesterday, when they visited the site where she is believed to have vanished.

Since the mother of two went missing nearly two weeks ago, police divers have been searching the area with assistance from the underwater specialist.

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However, he confirmed that his team will not continue the search because the police are concentrating their efforts downstream toward the ocean.

He added that he had been “determined” to locate Nicola, but that he and Mr. Ansell were both “relieved” that he had not.

Lancashire Police have warned amateur detectives not to “take the law into their own hands” after members of the public joined the search effort.

Director Sally Riley stated: “Taking the law into one’s own hands is counterproductive, especially when perpetrated by individuals from outside the region.

“We will not tolerate online abuse of anyone, including innocent witnesses, family, and friends, local businesses, or vandalism or burglary,”

What do we currently know?
On January 27, Nicola Bulley vanished while walking near St. Michael’s in Wyre, Lancashire.

The police believe she fell into the river while walking Willow, her springer spaniel, with her.

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She was wearing a long black gilet jacket with a hood and had her hair in a ponytail at the time of her disappearance.

She was wearing black jeans and olive green ankle boots.

On a nearby bench, Nicola’s phone and the dog’s leash were discovered.

She was last seen that morning at 9:10 a.m.

Supt. Riley confirmed that there is a ten-minute window in which they cannot account for Nicola’s movements, prompting fears that she may have left the trail in a CCTV black spot.

This is between the last confirmed sighting at 9:10 a.m. and 9:20 a.m. when Nicola’s bench-mounted phone was connected to a business call.