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HomeNewsCongregants in Nyeri Wrestle Outside Church Over Leadership Changes

Congregants in Nyeri Wrestle Outside Church Over Leadership Changes

Congregants in Nyeri Wrestle Outside Church Over Leadership Changes

Chaos erupted at the African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA) in Kurundas, Nyeri County on Sunday after a disagreement.

People witnessed a physical altercation among individuals outside the church following the disturbance of the weekly service, drawing the attention of bystanders.

As per the reports, the entire situation stemmed from a proposal to alter the church’s leadership that certain members opposed, resulting in a clash between two opposing groups.

Images and videos captured at the church depicted the magnitude of disagreement among the elders. While a few were involved in physical altercations, others observed, bewildered by how swiftly events had escalated.

To emphasize the extent of disagreement, a few members of the congregation were unable to enter the church while the service continued.

The disputes among the church members have sparked diverse responses among Kenyans, who have raised concerns about why leaders within the church are displaying poor behavior when they are supposed to exhibit qualities of leadership.

“What is this, a church should be a place where tranquility thrives,” one online user commented.


Some people were curious about what might have caused the situation to deteriorate rapidly and why nobody stepped in to help.

Several months later, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua intervened in a 17-year dispute between various AIPCA factions, following prolonged legal conflicts that had arisen from the disagreements.

During a November meeting, Gachagua effectively mediated a ceasefire between the opposing groups in preparation for the upcoming elections.

“They have committed that the church will be one, and the issue of factions will come to an end on Friday,” Gachagua stated.

Significantly, this is one of numerous disputes arising in churches regarding leadership issues. In December, a church service in Nairobi faced disruptions due to protests from the members.

The members of the church expressed dissatisfaction about the bishop’s request for a Toyota Prado, considering the church’s financial difficulties.

After the incident, the members of the congregation insisted on the bishop being relocated.

Congregants in Nyeri Wrestle Outside Church Over Leadership Changes