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Asteroid Explosion in the English Channel

Asteroid Explosion in the English Channel

The small 1m asteroid, currently designated as Sar2667, exploded after entering Earth’s atmosphere, producing a shooting star and an “airburst.”

This morning in the early hours, an asteroid entered Earth’s atmosphere and exploded over the English Channel.

The small 1m asteroid, currently designated as Sar2667, exploded, producing a shooting star and an “airburst.”

It was visible throughout the majority of southern England and Wales, as well as Paris, France.

Mark Boslough, an American physicist and expert on airbursts from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, told Wales Online that although “airbursts of this size occur several times per year,” they are “rarely detected in advance.”

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He stated that this was only the seventh time in history that an advance had been discovered.

Mr. Boslough added that this was the first time this had ever occurred “over a populated area with sufficient warning to collect data.”

Mark Boslough is a professor of research at the University of New Mexico, a member of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, and the chairman of the Asteroid Day Expert Panel.

He is an authority on the study of planetary impacts and worldwide disasters.

An expert warned before the impact that meteorites, if present, are likely to fall in the vicinity of Royville, France, a few minutes after the fireball passes overhead.

People from all over the United Kingdom captured the incredible moment on camera and shared images and videos online.

One month prior, a man’s doorbell camera captured a meteor soaring through the sky.

The meteorite was detected by the Ring camera in Taffs Well on the outskirts of Cardiff around 8 p.m. on January 9.

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The footage, which was shared by Colin Hyde, depicts a white light shooting across the night sky while becoming increasingly brighter.

A meteor is a bright streak in the sky that is caused by a meteorite crashing through the Earth’s atmosphere.