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HomeHealth11-Year-Old Scalpel Blade Found in Murang'a Woman's Abdomen

11-Year-Old Scalpel Blade Found in Murang’a Woman’s Abdomen

11-Year-Old Scalpel Blade Found in Murang’a Woman’s Abdomen

A team of medical practitioners from Murang’a County’s Maragua Level 4 Hospital successfully recovered a scalpel blade left in the abdomen of a 36-year-old woman during a Cesarean Section surgery 11 years ago at the Kitale District Hospital.

Dr. Kairo Kimende, the hospital’s medical superintendent, led the doctors who performed the 2-hour operation on Thursday afternoon.

Dr. Kimende told Citizen Digital that the scalpel blade was discovered in the abdomen, lodged between the uterus and the small intestines.

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He went on to say that the blade had also blocked the uterus, preventing the victim, Felistah Nafula, from conceiving.

The woman stated that complications began in 2012, immediately following the C-Section through which she delivered her first child.

Nafula, speaking a few minutes before being wheeled to the operating room, described her ordeals over the previous 11 years without knowing what was causing her health problems.

She described how her husband was constantly questioning her about why she couldn’t get pregnant all those years and whether she had purposefully decided to have only one child.

This prompted her to seek medical advice from several hospitals after she realized that, in addition to being unable to conceive, she was experiencing several serious complications such as passing out and having a painful, swollen abdomen.

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Nafula, who was accompanied by her husband Samuel Mungai, revealed that an X-ray taken at a hospital in Thika on the advice of doctors treating her at another facility in Nairobi revealed that she had the scalpel blade lodged inside her.

The husband, a mechanic, stated that the meager earnings from his job were all used to meet his wife’s medical needs, forcing them to sell off their land parcels.

The couple is now requesting that the government intervene to have the medics who operated prosecuted and compensated for their alleged negligence.