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HomeNewsZelensky rejects territory deal with Putin in BBC interview.

Zelensky rejects territory deal with Putin in BBC interview.

Zelensky rejects territory deal with Putin in BBC interview.

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine has ruled out giving up any territory in a potential peace agreement with Russia.

In an interview with the BBC commemorating one year since Russia’s full-scale invasion, he warned that ceding territory would mean Russia could “keep coming back,” whereas Western weapons would bring peace closer.

Mr. Zelensky added that an anticipated spring offensive had already commenced.

“Attacks from Russia are already coming from multiple directions,” he said.

However, he believes Ukraine’s forces can continue to resist Russia’s advance until they can launch a counteroffensive, despite his repeated calls for more military assistance from the West.

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“Modern weapons hasten the pace of peace. Mr. Zelensky told the BBC that the only language Russia understands is that of arms.

Last week, he met with the leaders of the United Kingdom and the European Union to bolster international support and request modern arms to defend his country. When the president of Ukraine requested modern fighter jets, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stated that “nothing is off the table.”

However, Kyiv has become increasingly irritated by the rapid arrival of Western weapons. Tank deliveries promised last month by several Western nations, including Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom, are believed to be weeks away from reaching the battlefield.

President Zelensky also addressed Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko’s threat to wage war alongside Russian troops from Belarusian territory if even one Ukrainian soldier crossed the border.

He stated, “I hope Belarus will not join the war.” “If that occurs, we will fight and survive.” Permitting Russia to once more use Belarus as a staging area for an attack would be a “huge error,” he added.

Twelve months ago, Russian forces launched a portion of their full-scale invasion from Belarus. They advanced south toward the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, but were repulsed and forced to retreat within weeks after suffering heavy casualties.

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When asked whether he was surprised by Russia’s war tactics, Mr. Zelensky described them as “worthless.”

“How they demolished everything. If their soldiers followed those orders, then they share the same values.”

This week, Ukrainian data indicated that more Russian troops were killed in Ukraine this month than at any time since the invasion’s initial week. The numbers are unverifiable, but the British Ministry of Defense stated that the trends were “likely accurate.”

“Today, our survival depends on our unity,” said Mr. Zelensky regarding the conclusion of the war. I believe Ukraine is fighting for its very existence. He stated that his country was moving toward Europe both economically and in terms of its values.

“We selected this path. We require security assurances. Any territorial concessions would weaken us as a nation.”

“Compromise is not the issue,” he said. Why should we fear that? Every day, millions of compromises are made.

Who is the question directed at? And Putin? No. Since there is no trust. Conversation with him? No. Since there is no trust.”