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Woman Who Survived in Kelvin Kiptum Accident Narrates Last Moments

Woman Who Survived in Kelvin Kiptum Accident Narrates Last Moments

The recent demise of Kelvin Kiptum, the accomplished Kenyan Marathon and World Record holder, along with his coach on Sunday, February 11, continues to be vivid in people’s thoughts. The government and various supporters are actively working to support his widow and children in this challenging period.

Sharon Kosgey, the sole survivor of the tragic accident, has provided a statement to the police as the investigation into the accident’s cause remains ongoing.

Sharon disclosed the final moments leading up to the fatal car accident, in which two individuals lost their lives instantly. She pointed out that the vehicle was in excellent condition and had encountered no issues until the moment of the collision.

In the statement she provided to the police, Sharon also mentioned that she informed Kiptum, who was the driver at that moment, about the vehicle deviating from the road.

As per the survivor’s account, Kiptum couldn’t regain control of the vehicle, recognizing that they had deviated from the road too late to correct their course.

The investigators from the DCI committed to collecting additional details about the final moments of the late Kiptum from those who were nearby during the accident. Once the investigation is concluded, the results will be shared with the public.

“We were able to record a statement with Sharon Kosgey, and we have confirmed that indeed Kiptum was behind the wheel, the investigation is still ongoing, and once we are through with the investigation, we will deliver the findings,” one of the officers noted.


President William Ruto has instructed professionals to construct a three-bedroom residence for Kelvin Kiptum’s family, specifying that it should be completed before his scheduled burial on February 24th.

The designated engineers will commence the project this Friday after consulting with the family members. Their goal is to ensure that the house is prepared for turnover before Kiptum’s burial.

After the accident, Kiptum’s widow shared with the media that his final commitment was to construct a home for his family, and he had already outlined the architectural blueprints for the project.

In their attempt to bring the investigation to a close, detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have interviewed three enigmatic men. These individuals had met with Kiptum’s family four days before his demise, asserting that they were representatives sent by a Chinese firm aiming to finalize a business agreement with the renowned marathon athlete.

“Our conscience is clear we know that whatever that we were dealing with was something that was good and would have helped this family,” one of the men stated.

Woman Who Survived in Kelvin Kiptum Accident Narrates Last Moments