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Woman Sparks Speculation About Being the Late Kelvin Kiptum’s Mistress

Woman Sparks Speculation About Being the Late Kelvin Kiptum’s Mistress

A TikTok user named Jeylaa Jeylaa from Kenya has raised suspicions suggesting that she may have been involved with Kelvin Kiptum, the deceased record-breaking World Marathon athlete.

On her social media account, she posted a picture of the departed Kiptum embracing her while they were taking a photo. Along with the image, she wrote a caption expressing the hope of meeting him one day, accompanied by numerous crying and heartbreak emojis.

In the photos, Kelvin looked at her affectionately as he smiled.

In a different post, she documented her entrance into a room, likely a dining area. Once inside, she positioned herself at a table and arranged presents in a red bag, supposedly received from the departed, possibly in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

“I wish ningejua ilikuwa gift ya kunaiambia (I knew these were gifts to tell me goodbye) bye. Rest in peace Kevo,”

She then proceeded to remove the gifts from the red gift bag, revealing a small white teddy bear, a piece of jewelry, a gold-plated watch, and an envelope with a bundle of cash in it.

On the envelope, there was a message written on it to the effect that the recipient was a “lovely, second wife”, and that the sender loved the recipient and told her to open the envelope with joy.

In the identical video, tears streamed down her face while a Catholic hymn resonated in the background. The song conveyed the theme of uncertainty in navigating life without the grace and solace of God, emphasizing the impossibility of moving forward without His presence.

The two posts she shared quickly gained widespread attention, leading to discussions and debates about whether she was truly involved with the late Kiptum or if she was simply seeking attention and fame through clout chasing. Numerous individuals expressed disapproval, advising her to maintain silence and allow the deceased’s positive reputation to remain undisturbed, contrasting with her current actions.


In the same posts, she also turned off the comment section.

Gossipa2z attempted to seek clarification by messaging her about the rumored relationship with the deceased. However, our messages couldn’t be delivered because she configured her TikTok direct messages, where she initially shared the news, to only accept messages from people she is friends with on the app.

In a sequence of replies to Facebook critics, she asserted that her detractors were unaware of her and Kiptum’s background, highlighting that he predominantly spent his time with her. Additionally, she stated that Kelvin frequently requested her to feature him on her social media accounts, but she frequently declined.

She also disclosed that Kelvin was aware that she possessed his wife’s phone number, and likewise, his wife had her contact information.

“Yes, I know Kiptum had a wife before we started loving each other. He told me everything in 2019. I have his wife’s number too. Sometimes Kiptum used to ask me to surprise her with credit,” claimed Jeylaa.

Kelvin Kiptum, who has passed away, is survived by his wife, Asenath Cheruto, and two children. Asenath fondly remembers him as a loving individual who had a deep affection for his family.

Kiptum, who passed away, was involved in a car crash that also claimed the life of his Rwandan coach. A woman who was a passenger in the same unfortunate incident managed to survive.

Woman Sparks Speculation About Being the Late Kelvin Kiptum’s Mistress