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Woman, 62, Wins Right To Take Dead Husband’s Sperm

Woman, 62, Wins Right To Take Dead Husband’s Sperm

A 62-year-old woman from Australia has been granted permission by a judge to collect her deceased husband’s sperm. She successfully convinced the judge that they had been contemplating having a baby before his passing.

According to legal papers made public on Wednesday, following the tragic loss of their 31-year-old son in a car accident in 2019, the couple began considering the idea of having another child.

Six years earlier, their 29-year-old daughter had drowned during a fishing trip.

Motivated by these distressing incidents, the pair began exploring the possibility of utilizing the 61-year-old husband’s sperm for fertilizing a surrogate.

Following the husband’s passing at their residence on December 17, his wife, whose identity remains undisclosed due to legal considerations, requested the hospital morgue to retrieve and preserve his sperm.

However, as stated in legal papers, the hospital delayed its actions, compelling the woman to pursue an immediate court order from the Supreme Court of Western Australia.


Scientists suggest that it is optimal to gather reproductive tissue within a window of one to two days following the individual’s passing.

Judge Fiona Seaward consented to the extraction and preservation of the sperm but stipulated that additional court orders would be necessary before its utilization for fertilization purposes.

The purchase was placed on December 21, but it has just been disclosed to the public.

While uncommon, it’s not entirely unprecedented for sperm to be collected from deceased partners in Australia.

In June 2023, an Australian woman was authorized to collect sperm from her deceased 29-year-old husband, who allegedly passed away following an incident where he cut an artery on a shattered window pane.

Woman, 62, Wins Right To Take Dead Husband’s Sperm