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Why Family of Policeman Found Dead in US hotel Will Wait Longer for Autopsy Results

Why Family of Policeman Found Dead in US hotel Will Wait Longer for Autopsy Results

The family of the deceased police officer Walter Nyankieya Nyamato, who passed away in the United States, is still unaware of the cause of his death.

Advance team

The individual who passed away had been fulfilling the role of a Police Inspector. Alongside nine additional police officers, they were part of an official expedition serving as an advance team for a reconnaissance mission. This mission was conducted in anticipation of the contentious deployment of 1,000 police officers to Haiti.

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police are now leading the inquiry into the unexpected demise of a man found lifeless in a hotel room one day after arriving in Washington DC.

Government to Government arrangement

“I had instructed his brother, Wycliffe, who lives in Minnesota, to travel to DC, view his body, and fetch for us the autopsy results but the police told him that they couldn’t view the body nor get the autopsy results since it was a Government – to – government (G to G) arrangement,” said the deceased’s father Philip Nyamato Obwaya.

Thus, the Washington Police notified the family that any developments regarding the demise of their relative would be communicated through the Kenyan Embassy in Washington.

Gossipa2z went to the residence in Nyatieko village, Keroka, Masaba North, Nyamira County last Friday, and the atmosphere was filled with noticeable tension and sadness.

The morning the police inspector was found dead, everyone gathered for breakfast, but he didn’t appear as expected.

Break into his room

The hotel management had to step in and enter his room when he didn’t answer the knocks on his door.

The motionless corpse of the 40-year-old individual was purportedly discovered on a bed, positioned facedown.

Mr. Obwaya mentioned that his son didn’t have any known medical issues and had consistently enjoyed good health.

Proceed to Haiti

The deceased’s father stated that the nine officers would travel from Washington DC to Haiti, where the Kenyan government has been working towards agreements to facilitate their planned deployment.

“They are the (police) bosses and my son had informed me that they were going to lay agreements with those in Haiti so that, later, the other 1,000 officers that the court had barred from being deployed could go,” said the deceased’s father, Mr Obwaya.

As per the family’s account, the individual who passed away served as the Deputy Inspector of Police Noor Gabow’s Personal Assistant, stationed at Jogoo House in Nairobi.

Third trip

It was the third trip that the late was making to Haiti, the family said.

“This time, Gabow did not travel with them. It seems it was him (the deceased) who was given the troop to lead,” he reported.

In contrast to the family’s claim that their relative was on a reconnaissance mission to Haiti, Mr. Gabow provided a conflicting narrative, stating that the 10 officers were in the United States for a seminar.

Blocked by the High Court

The High Court in Nairobi thwarted Kenya’s intentions to spearhead a UN-sanctioned global security mission to Haiti last month. Despite this setback, President William Ruto affirmed the government’s commitment to proceed with the deployment.

The global initiative is designed to address the widespread issue of gang violence in the Caribbean country, resulting in the deaths of almost 5,000 individuals last year. The initial funding for this effort is expected to come from the United States.

The High Court’s decision cast uncertainty over the mission, as it declared that sending police officers overseas would be unconstitutional unless there was a pre-existing “reciprocal arrangement” with the host government.


President Ruto mentioned that Haiti had sought assistance several months earlier, and he anticipated receiving a request soon that would address the court’s requirements.

“So that mission can go ahead as soon as next week if all the paperwork is done between Kenya and Haiti on the bilateral route that has been suggested by the court,” President Ruto said during the Italian-Africa summit in Rome.

Asked if discussions were underway with Haiti to get the necessary request, the president said: “Absolutely. Haiti has actually written formally”.

Senior government officials

On Wednesday, The Nation observed high-ranking government officials at the residence of the deceased person’s father.

The Nyamira County AP Commander and the Sub County AP Commander for Masaba North, Rodgers Wakoli, were among those present.

As per the deceased’s father, government representatives visited his residence to officially verify and express condolences regarding the passing of their son.

“The county AP Commander told us that he had been told on the phone that my son who was a personal assistant to Gabow, was dead,” said Mr Obwaya.

He mentioned that upon returning from his two trips, he would share with us that they immediately touched down in the country and proceeded directly to provide President William Ruto with a briefing.

“My son had all the information on his computer that he would give to the president about their agreements with Haiti. This time around he told us that they would sojourn in Washington for two to three days before proceeding to Haiti,” he said.

Father of two

The man, who is a father of two, is remembered by both his family and fellow villagers as a dedicated community member. He was always actively involved in communal fundraising events, known as Harambee, and his loss is deeply felt.

The individual who passed away started working in the police force in 2007, accumulating a total of 16 years of professional experience.

The father observed that his son was in good health when they embarked on their journey, and they had even conversed with him over the phone a few hours before taking a flight to Washington.

“His mother called him on the phone at 9 pm last Friday and he said that he was at the Airport waiting to board a plane at 12 am. My son had no problem with his health that I know of,” he said.

Before the Friday journey, the family had requested him to return home to Nyamira to bid farewell as he had done on the two previous trips. However, he refused, citing a heavy workload and limited time.

“While at the airport, we prayed for God to grant them journey mercies,” recounted the father.

Minnesota based brother

The father observed that the individual who passed away had plans to meet his brother in Minnesota on Wednesday, but unfortunately, that plan never materialized.

“My Minnesota-based son confirmed that his brother had phoned him that he had arrived safely in Washington and that they had planned to meet on Wednesday,” he said.

Why Family of Policeman Found Dead in US hotel Will Wait Longer for Autopsy Results