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We Were to Wed in April- Kiptum’s Wife Reveals in Emotional Tribute

We Were to Wed in April- Kiptum’s Wife Reveals in Emotional Tribute

Asenath Jeruto, spouse of Kelvin Kiptum, the current holder of the World Record in the marathon, disclosed that they had plans to get married in church this April. However, their plans were tragically disrupted by the loss of her beloved partner.

Jeruto revealed their intentions with a heartfelt homage during the athlete’s funeral service in Elgeyo Marakwet on Friday, February 23rd.

The couple, who got married in a traditional ceremony in 2017, had not yet formalized their marriage in a church setting.

However, she pledged to proceed with the wedding as planned and to recite her vows on the appointed day as a tribute to the athlete.

“We were planning for a big day to tie our knots in a colorful wedding ceremony in April 2024 but God’s plans are greater. I will still make my vows even in your rest. You were the best husband and father of my children. Dance with the angels, bye,” she stated.

Thinking about Kiptum’s demise, she expressed that losing him was a significant blow for her and their two children. Jeruto further conveyed that the idea of facing life without the athlete deeply saddened her.

However, she underscored her dedication to looking after their two children as a tribute to him.


“My dear love, I cannot learn how to say goodbye to you. With weak fingers and pain in my heart, it is unbelievable that today I have learned to stay with our beloved kids without you coming home again. I mourn my love. I’ve cried until no more. I miss you and you are the love of my life until we meet again.

“I promise to gather my strength for the sake of our children. Your help in the spirit world will inspire me to stand as a pillar for our children. I promise to make them smile in your honour. I will make you happy all the time,” Jeruto penned.

Kiptum’s children expressed in a written tribute that their father was a hero and emphasized that their lives would be forever changed.

“We still cannot believe that you have left us. We will always remember you and love you. Life will never be the same without you,” Kiptum’s children expressed.

After Jeruto’s homage, community representatives, spearheaded by the local Member of Parliament Gideon Kimaiyo, urged President William Ruto and the county administration to aid Kiptum’s family and provide employment for the widow.

At present, Ruto plans to transfer ownership of a three-bedroom residence to Mrs. Kiptum later in the day.

Kiptum and his Rwandan coach, Gervais Hakizimana, tragically lost their lives in a traffic collision on February 11 while traveling on the Eldoret-Kaptagat Road.

We Were to Wed in April- Kiptum’s Wife Reveals in Emotional Tribute