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US CEO Exposed for Scamming Kenyan School In 2 Months Leading to Closure

US CEO Exposed for Scamming Kenyan School In 2 Months Leading to Closure

A media outlet located in Colorado, USA, has released a revealing report uncovering the actions of a Chief Executive Officer who led a community school, established by a 19-year-old, to its ultimate demise.

In the January issue of 5280 Magazine, the publication detailed the movements of the individuals in question, following their actions from Colorado and California to Nairobi, Kenya.

Based on the inquiries, the CEO from the United States, whose identity remains undisclosed, came to Nairobi in 2015 during a period when the city was rapidly gaining recognition as Africa’s Silicon Savannah.

Two years prior, a 19-year-old individual from Kenya managed to establish the Dev School by raising Ksh2.4 million through crowdsourcing. This institution presented itself as a coding camp aimed at Kenyan students eager to acquire programming skills.

By 2015, the institution had successfully conferred degrees upon 250 students and garnered predominantly positive feedback, primarily from its former students.

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The CEO journeyed to Nairobi in 2015 and subsequently secured a position to head the school in July of that same year. They were hired based on their commitment to expanding diversity within the tech industry, aiming to move beyond the predominant influence of white individuals at that time.

“It only took two months for that man to begin undoing much of what (the founder) had built. In September, some Dev School employees noticed their latest paychecks hadn’t been deposited,” read the exposé.

“After the nonpayment continued through November, one fed-up employee sent out a companywide email putting the new CEO on notice.”


Following conflicts and changes, the individual was removed from the position of CEO but persisted in coordinating tech gatherings in Kenya until an investigative report in 2016 damaged his standing.

As per the school’s founder, significant harm had occurred, leading to the institution’s closure in late 2015, despite its expansion to include a South Sudan branch within just three years of its establishment.

5280 Magazine revealed more information about the suspect’s troubled history, which involved working as the sales department manager at a Sonoma, California company in 2007.

The article alleges that the individual utilized the company’s card for personal tasks, such as fixing their car, and at a certain juncture, faced allegations of falsifying the owner’s signature on checks.

He faced allegations of orchestrating comparable operations in Berkeley and Elk Grove, located in California, along with several instances in Colorado. The CEO departed from Kenya in 2017.

US CEO Exposed for Scamming Kenyan School In 2 Months Leading to Closure