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UDA Set to Receive Over Ksh 100M More Than ODM in Political Parties Fund(List)

UDA Set to Receive Over Ksh 100M More Than ODM in Political Parties Fund(List)

Following the recent review of political party fund distribution, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) is slated to receive an additional Ksh100,800,287 compared to the Orange Democratic Party (ODM).

As per a gazette notice released on Friday, January 12, the Registrar of Political Parties highlighted that a reevaluation of funds became imperative due to budget reductions in the Supplementary estimates, leading to eventual cuts in the allocated funds.

“Registrar of Political Parties gives notice that Political Parties Fund (PPF) faced budget cut during Supplementary Estimates No. 1 of FY 2023/2024 which has necessitated a review of the distribution of the Fund.”

“The following forty-eight (48) political parties will receive a revised allocation from the PPF during the Financial Year 2023/2024,” the notice reads

UDA received Ksh237,857,736 instead of the initially allocated Ksh576.9 million, while the opposition party ODM is set to receive Ksh127,057,449, reflecting a decrease of Ksh181.2 million from the initial allocation of Ksh308.2 million.

The allocation of funds followed the guidelines outlined in sections 23, 25, and 34 (b) of the Political Parties Act, 2011, as well as Regulation 6 (c) of the Political Parties (Funding) Regulations 2019. According to these provisions, the distribution was based on the proportional representation of each political party, determined by the total number of votes they received in the most recent general election.

Martha Karua, leading the National Rainbow Coalition Kenya (NARC-KENYA), is set to receive Ksh3,115,272. The Jubilee Party (JP) has been granted Ksh55,729,159, while the Wiper Democratic Movement (WDM) will be allocated Ksh29,764,329.


Additional significant political parties comprise the Amani National Congress (ANC) receiving Ksh10,970,474, the Democratic Action Party–Kenya (DAP-K) securing Ksh13,041,565, the United Democratic Movement (UDM) obtaining Ksh11,079,709, and the Forum for Restoration of Democracy–Kenya (FORD KENYA) being allocated Ksh10,657,992.

The Political Parties Act stipulates that the funds designated for different political parties must constitute a minimum of 0.3 percent of the revenue amassed by the national government, along with any other lawful contributions made to the fund.

Moreover, political parties that do not meet the prescribed qualifications for the fund will not receive an allocation.

“A political party shall not be entitled to receive funding from the Fund if it does not secure at least five percent of the total number of votes at the preceding general elections, or more than two-thirds of its registered office bearers are of the same gender,” the Act states. 

The distributed funds will be released once they are received from the National Treasury on a subsequent date.

Top ten parties in allocation of political parties’ fund 2024. 

UDA Set to Receive Over Ksh 100M More Than ODM in Political Parties Fund(List)