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Three odd things women do to show they desire a man

Three odd things women do to show they desire a man

Some women are born and bred for the sole purpose of getting married. It is an age-old mentality that to be considered accomplished in life, marriage is an achievement.

To have a good man find you, date for a short period- or not married, and immediately follow up the honeymoon with a staircase full of children.

And so young girls in the colonial and postcolonial eras were taught to cook, clean, sew, play simple instruments, and take care of children by older female relatives.

In some instances, these things worked because men ‘back then’ were shallow and only married to have esteem in society and a woman who could bear them children.

They mostly cared about dainty-looking women who played the piano well and could cook up a storm for 20 unannounced guests showing up at their home.

But with time, women began learning new things to attract men.

Fashion, knowledge, sports, creativity, and technical skills became ‘tools’ to be sharpened by women to attract marriageable men and impressively displayed as a sign that they liked the man.


Today, in addition, women are doing rather unconventional things to attract men and show that they like them. GossipA2Z.com explores some of them below:

  1. Some women develop an interest in unusual things. For instance, mechanical engineering has always been a stereotype preserve of men but some women end up showing interest in this if the guy they like is into motor mechanics and all it entails. You find a woman suddenly developing a liking for European football when she could not even name any two championship competitions played before meeting the guy. The furthest she previously understood football was CR7’s hotness or Pogba’s dancing antiques posted on social media after floundering on the pitch.
  2. She becomes a different version of herself to please the guy she is interested in. An avid wig hater, she is now donning the most expensive human hair out there. She now flirts and randomly but intentionally becomes a touchy person when hanging out with him despite being a notorious tomboy, and she now dances on TikTok where before she couldn’t dance to save her life. Her personality changes into what she believes is best suited to the guy so that he would be interested in her. How odd for one to go to this extent, right?
  3. She turns herself into an errand girl for the guy she likes. Suddenly she’s running to the petrol station with a jerrycan to get him fuel if his car won’t start up outside his house because she does not want him to stress further. She’s now offering to do things for him that she would never have done for her father or brother…all to show her liking for him and hope he likes her back.
    At the end of the day, though, the easiest way is to just tell a guy what you are feeling and have him tell you his position.

You don’t have to jump through hoops and change who you are just to please him.

What happens if he accepts your feelings with all this fakery you portray?

Are you going to pretend forever? What happens when the façade drops and he sees the real you? Won’t he leave you?

Three odd things women do to show they desire a man