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The top destinations for a perfect proposal.

The top destinations for a perfect proposal.

It is every woman’s dream to be presented with a surprise marriage proposal by close friends, family, or just the two of you.

The best way to ask your partner to marry you is through a proposal, which, in all honesty, must be superior to that of her friend or cousin.

In short, you must think creatively to make it memorable.

As you generate ideas, ensure that she will enjoy them and not feel embarrassed.

Before you propose in the middle of a football game, consider the fact that not everyone enjoys public attention.

And since you intend to do so, move quickly or you may not be able to secure a good spot.

You must also select a convenient date, especially for a group surprise when the majority of guests will be available.

To assist you in getting down on one knee, here are some of the best places to propose:

Family supper

Announcing significant news to a small group of close relatives is always a special occasion.

You can start with a tribute to grab everyone’s attention, and then proceed to the big question.

Not only will you receive blessings from family, but this will also strengthen your commitment and love for one another.

During a passionate stroll

This is a fantastic idea, especially if both of you enjoy walking and it is your thing.

Just as the sun is setting, take her by surprise and propose marriage on one knee.

Considering how emotional and unanticipated the proposal may be, don’t forget to take photos or hire a professional photographer to capture every moment.

You will be glad you did.

In the cinema

It may sound cliche, but there are so many things to do at the movies.

You can decide to watch a late-night movie, then have the words appear on the screen at the end of the film as you get down on one knee and wait for her to say “yes”

Photographic session

We are all aware of how obsessed Kenyans have become with documenting their lives.

Whether for a graduation, a baby bump, or a birthday, photo shoots have become a lucrative industry.

Invite a few of her closest friends and plan an engagement photo shoot without her knowledge if she enjoys this activity.

While she is busy posing or getting ready, surprise her by getting down on one knee as her friends come out cheering and shouting.

During a vacation

This has never been a disappointment! During the trip, you can choose to go for an evening stroll or dinner, and then you can decide when to pop the question.

You can even request dessert and, when she’s not looking, place the ring on her plate while she’s eating.

At the shopping mall

If she doesn’t mind being in the spotlight, you can propose in public by taking her to her favorite mall for coffee while you mobilize your crew.

You can hire dancers, acrobats, or instrumentalists to emphasize your point.

Let them bombard her with a routine as you kneel and ask her to marry you as you are about to leave.

You can also involve your friends and family by having them wear ‘Will you marry me?’ t-shirts or placards.

Not only will she never forget this special day, but the public will never forget the romantic proposal either.

By the seaside

Ask her to marry you by writing “Will you marry me?” in the sand before the water washes it away and asking her to look down as you pull out the ring. She will not see this coming.

During a night of romance

You need not spend much money to propose.

Quite the opposite.

Plan a romantic evening for her by scattering rose petals from the bedroom door and waiting for her to answer your proposal.

Finish it off with a candlelit home-cooked meal and her favorite wine.

At the New Year’s Eve party

Surely, this will be an epic way to ring in the New Year.

You may wait until the countdown and fireworks conclude before posing the question.

This will be an excellent way to celebrate both the proposal and the start of a new day.

At work

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but trust me, it could be one of the best places to propose to your lady.

Let the world know she’s the one by organizing a surprise proposal with her closest coworkers and asking her to marry you in front of them.

Cut a cake, bring a large card and her preferred flowers if necessary.

Let her friends be envious of her.