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Physical Reasons Women Turn Down Men

Physical Reasons Women Turn Down Men. A woman desires a man who is self-assured, considerate, and courteous. 

Someone willing to show her that she is everything and is deserving of respect.

She doesn’t want to become an object in your sexually egotistical ways. 

She would prefer to be on equal footing with you.

She is probably seeking a man who is more suitable than a one-night stand while you are preoccupied with thoughts and fantasies about the bedroom. 

Even though her rejection could hurt, she’s telling you that she wants more from you than just a hookup.

If she’s worth it, it won’t be simple.

When it comes to desiring more than friendship, her demands and wants are straightforward. 

You’ll desire to be eager to relate, comprehend, and treat her with the respect she sincerely desires.

There are seven reasons why women physically reject men:

1. They exhibit arrogance

Physical Reasons Women Turn Down Men. Speaking exclusively about your life is so 2010. 

If you want her to desire you the way you prefer, you’ll need to understand how to connect with her.

You enjoy chatting about your car, home, and travel destinations on a natural basis. 

When the conversation turns to you, she will undoubtedly tune you out.

She genuinely doesn’t give a damn about the things you own as long as she can support herself. 

When building a true connection, she is more interested in whether or not you have her best interests in mind.

The “I’m  Mr. Wonderful attitude must be abandoned.

You should speak to her rather than over her or at her if you want to draw her closer to you. 

Since it’s not her cup of tea, behaving haughty will keep you out of her good graces.

2. They publish images with other females.

She’ll undoubtedly flinch if you lead with your ego. 

Many women aren’t drawn to males who continually want to show off their bodies to others. 

When you seem to be looking for approval from other women, they frequently don’t want to compete for your attention.

She can become disinterested while you’re busy stroking your ego with all the women. 

She doesn’t want to be a bevy’s sidekick. 

She won’t want to be your number one if you treat her like a number.

3. They email her pornographic images.

Physical Reasons Women Turn Down Men. You will be rejected if you start with inappropriate pictures. 

She’ll believe you only desire one thing.

Before they will open up to you and share their vulnerabilities, women need to feel loved and appreciated. 

If they feel you’re merely looking for immediate fulfillment, they have no desire to have personal relations.

4. They neglect to take action

When it comes to chatting, she may find your exchanges with her to be rather frustrating when your words are ineffective. 

You always seem to break your word when you say you’ll do anything.

She might begin to shun you while questioning whether you are the right man for her. 

You will pay for your remarks.

For the majority of women, mental safety must come before any physical activity before they can participate. 

She will also be wielding a steel shield to defend herself from you if you lie or fail to act. 

You will undoubtedly be ignored and forced to go on a lonesome hunt without her.

5. They deliberately engage in aggression

She will put the breaks on if you try to move things along too quickly. 

She has no intention of jumping into bed the night you meet. 

She wants a natural progression of getting to know you. 

She will think you’re only in it for herself if things move too rapidly.

Pushing her will make the momentum disappear.

Every woman is aware of her physical urges, but you must first increase those desires by treating her well.

6. They don’t communicate well

Stopping communication can stop a connection from developing. 

She won’t reveal herself if you don’t interact with her since she won’t feel trusted.

By interacting with her and forming a friendship, you can convince her that you are worth her time as well as hers. 

Communication consistency will be essential.

You can’t just disappear after blowing her phone up one day. 

She’ll conclude that you’re not really interested in getting close to her or that you’re only concerned with yourself.

7. They maintain poor hygiene

You won’t win her over by arriving for your date smelling like takeout from the previous night and wearing clothing that looks like you just changed the oil in your car. 

She wouldn’t even consider staying the night with you or joining you for drinks.

Showering gives you power. 

You probably won’t feel good if you don’t look good. 

She can tell when you’re nervous. 

That makes ladies very uncomfortable. 

They favor a man who attempts to pursue her romantically in addition to his appearance.