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Step-by-Step Process of Applying For ETA Permit In Ruto Visa-Free Program

Step-by-Step Process of Applying For ETA Permit In Ruto Visa-Free Program

By a recent instruction to cease the visa-free initiative initiated by President William Ruto, visitors will now need to request an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) priced at Ksh4,600.

The Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is usable for just one trip and needs renewal for subsequent travels. It doesn’t assure travel approval, yet it’s necessary for boarding. It’s imperative to have a valid eTA while checking in and boarding flights.

As per Isaac Mwaura, the government spokesperson, eliminating visas was anticipated to enhance tourism and stimulate economic growth. Originally planned to commence in January 2024, the program has been postponed indefinitely due to recent developments. The new date for its implementation remains unannounced.

The eTA is a partially automated system used to assess visitors’ qualifications for traveling to Kenya. It is recommended that travelers apply for it at least three months before their trip and before finalizing any travel plans.

A photo of Government spokesperson Isaac Mwaura speaking during the 70-year anniversary of Sight Savers International (Kenya) on Thursday, May 11, 2023.


By the procedure, individuals must possess various papers such as a valid passport, a photo meeting passport specifications, contact details, specifics regarding their arrival and departure plans, confirmed accommodation bookings, and a form of payment like a credit/debit card or alternative means.

Applicants might need to provide financial assets or bank letters as well as proof of return transportation bookings, varying based on their country of residence and citizenship.

Moreover, candidates must provide their yellow fever certificate along with additional test result certificates as per their country of residence and travel records.

Depending on the reason for the trip, the individual must provide an appointment letter from a recommending physician, an invitation to a conference, a job agreement, and additional papers for relocation purposes.


Individuals coming for business purposes need to provide a company invitation along with the company’s registration copy. Those visiting families should furnish a family invitation letter and a family member’s entry permit.

Moreover, individuals journeying for diplomatic purposes will need a diplomatic, official, or service passport along with an official document issued by their country of origin or foreign affairs.

“Processing time will vary depending on the type of eTA and your country of citizenship. The standard processing time is three days,” read part of the instructions.

Individuals desiring to expedite the procedure should approach the officials for support and opt for the premium service. They will need to pay the applicable fees according to the Ministry of Interior’s regulations.

How to Apply

Potential candidates are encouraged to access etakenya.go.ke and select the “apply now” section. Make sure you possess the required paperwork and adhere to the given guidelines.

Select ‘Continue’ once you’ve gone through the instructions, and consented to the terms and conditions before moving on to the subsequent phase. You’ll need to choose your country of residence.

You’ll need to upload the required documents and photos beforehand before submitting your application. You will receive an email containing additional information about your application.

Step-by-Step Process of Applying For ETA Permit In Ruto Visa-Free Program