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South Sudan Appeals For Funds to Conduct Elections

South Sudan Appeals For Funds to Conduct Elections

On Thursday, South Sudan called upon the international community and neighboring countries to offer financial assistance, facilitating the country’s ability to conduct the upcoming general election later this year.

Cabinet Affairs Minister Martin Elia Lomuro expressed that the government’s announced budget allocations are inadequate. He emphasized the need for substantial contributions from international partners, particularly in light of the substantial funds required for the electoral and constitutional-making processes, along with the ongoing economic crisis in a developing nation like South Sudan.

“We commit to transparently submit the detailed budget sheets to the region, continent as well as international countries and partners to study and decide areas each could consider assisting South Sudan in its endeavor for democratic transition in December 2024,” Elia said in Juba, South Sudan’s capital, during a plenary session of the peace monitors, the Reconstituted Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (RJMEC).

He mentioned that the government needs $40 million to draft a new constitution. However, a supplementary budget has been proposed, covering only 63 percent of the total amount needed.


Elia additionally mentioned that the projected funds needed to support the electoral process stand at $228.1 million. However, the government has managed to allocate a supplementary budget that will only address 15 percent of the overall required amount. This allocation is intended to cover various expenses, including the necessary security measures for the electoral process.

After gaining independence in 2011, South Sudan plunged into a violent civil conflict triggered by a political dispute between President Salva Kiir and his then-deputy, Riek Machar. The disagreement led to the loss of approximately 400,000 lives, as reported by the United Nations.

In 2018, a peace accord was signed by Kiir, Machar, and other political figures, bringing an end to the conflict.

Following the conclusion of the transitional phase, it is anticipated that a nationwide election will take place in December 2024.

South Sudan Appeals For Funds to Conduct Elections