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HomeNewsSenator Omogeni faults Ruto for linking courts to 'cartels'

Senator Omogeni faults Ruto for linking courts to ‘cartels’

Senator Omogeni faults Ruto for linking courts to ‘cartels’

Senator Okong’o Omogeni from Nyamira has criticized President William Ruto’s statement accusing corrupt judges of collaborating with cartels to disrupt government initiatives.

On Tuesday, the senator, who serves on the Parliamentary Service Commission, expressed that the comments could be seen as an attempt to intimidate the judiciary, especially as the court gets ready to decide the housing levy appeal.

“I urge the Judiciary to stand firm and not bow to the threats of William Ruto. Kenya is a democracy with a constitutionally limited government that is subject to the supervisory jurisdiction of the high court,” Omogeni said.

On Tuesday, Ruto stated that while the government acknowledges the autonomy of the judiciary, it is determined not to permit a small group of people with personal agendas to manipulate the courts and hinder progress on government initiatives.

He specifically highlighted the digital healthcare insurance coverage, stating that cartels aim to delay its implementation to persist in embezzling funds from the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) through fraudulent claims with the collusion of hospitals.

“I want to announce here that a few people with vested interests who are beneficiaries of corruption in NHIF are now ganging up with corrupt judicial officers to stall reforms so that fake hospital claims will continue. I want to assure you that this will not happen in Kenya again and we will stop it,” he said. 

The President was speaking during a burial in Nyandarua County.

The High Court nullified the 1.5 levy aimed at financing Ruto’s affordable housing initiative on November 28, 2023. However, they temporarily suspended the ruling until January 10.

On November 27, 2023, the court halted the enforcement of three Health Acts associated with Ruto’s Universal Health Coverage (UHC). These acts were designed to streamline contributions to a digital health fund and improve healthcare accessibility for impoverished individuals.

The Acts impacted include the Social Health Insurance Act, 2023; the Primary Health Care Act, 2023, and the Digital Health Act, 2023.

“That in the meantime, a conservatory order is hereby issued restraining the respondents, their agents, and or anyone acting on their directives from implementing and or enforcing the Social Health Insurance Act, 2023; the Primary Health Care Act, 2023, and the Digital Health Act, 2023 until February 7, 2024,” Justice Chacha Mwita ruled.

The judge expressed contentment in acknowledging that Joseph Aura’s petition brings forth significant constitutional and legal inquiries warranting immediate and profound deliberation.


“We will protect independent of the Judiciary, [but] what we will not allow is judicial impunity and tyranny,” Ruto said.

Omogeni stated that it is the responsibility of the President to honor the rule of law and maintain the integrity of the Constitution.

“Any other attempt geared towards disregarding court orders is to invite anarchy, and Ruto should be prepared for such eventuality if he goes that route,” he said.

During his New Year’s speech, Ruto mentioned that the prompt implementation of the Bottom Up Economic Transformation Agenda has been hindered and delayed by several obstacles, notably ongoing legal disputes.

He alleged that the courts prioritized the interests of a select few while purportedly safeguarding the rights of the public, yet paradoxically, they denied those same individuals rightful chances and opportunities.

“This is what happens when a public servant, enjoying a house mortgage at a 3 percent interest rate, makes decisions that frustrate the housing program, robbing millions of youth of employment prospects and denying millions of Kenyans the chance to own a home like them.

“This is also the case when a public officer, who benefits from unlimited medical insurance, invokes the law to derail the universal healthcare delivery, denying millions of vulnerable Kenyans a health cover like them.”

Senator Omogeni faults Ruto for linking courts to ‘cartels’