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HomeNewsSafaricom Addresses Mpesa Prompt Backlash

Safaricom Addresses Mpesa Prompt Backlash

Safaricom Addresses Mpesa Prompt Backlash

On Twitter, Alvan Love chastised the telecommunications company for claims of unsafe mobile wallets.

Safaricom has finally issued a statement addressing the recent outage in their services after several netizens complained about their mobile money wallets, M-Pesa, ‘transacting’ without their knowledge.

The problem was first brought to light by digital content creator Alvan Love, who took to Twitter to express his confusion and concern after his phone attempted to “send money on its own” without his prompting.

“Safaricom! No longer safe! I just found my phone trying to (send) money by itself. It started with a notification (your sim played a tone accept or decline. I accepted, then the next thing all the M-Pesa menu came up and started doing things by itself). 

Safaricom PLC, What the hell is going on? I have since emptied it to zero,” wrote the former Tusker Project Fame contestant worriedly.

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Following this, several other users on his thread revealed that their mobile money wallets had also sent them the same prompt, and they were terrified of being hacked and having their wallets emptied.

Netizens commented on how strange it was to check your phone and find it in the M-Pesa section when you were certain you hadn’t left it there.

Safaricom, on the other hand, assures its customers that nothing of the sort is happening and that the prompts were simply a system glitch.

The company responded in Alvan Love’s comment section, stating that the activation of the M-Pesa menu was caused by a new development in the M-Pesa withdrawal menu.

“Hello Alvan, we extend to you our most sincere apologies regarding the experience with our M-Pesa service.

The issue was a result of the M-Pesa system menu push for the newly developed M-Pesa withdrawal menu. Your M-Pesa account was not accessed as there was no PIN request. Thank you. AO” responded Safaricom’s social media handlers.  

Netizens are still skeptical, but the communications company assures them that everything is fine and that their wallets are safe.