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HomeNewsRuto's Speech Interrupted After Power Disruption in Kasarani

Ruto’s Speech Interrupted After Power Disruption in Kasarani

Ruto’s Speech Interrupted After Power Disruption in Kasarani

President William Ruto’s speech was on Sunday interrupted by a power blackout at Kasarani gymnasium, days after he also suffered the same situation in Naivasha after electricity went out.

Speaking after the AIPCA Church service at Kasarani on Sunday, the president’s speech was interrupted by five minutes.

The president was addressing the church during the celebration of the AIPCA’s 100 years of existence since inception.

He had finished thanking his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta for his role in mediating the leadership wrangles that rocked the church when power abruply went out.

The President was accompanied to the event by his deputy Rigathi Gachagua and other top government officials.

Ruto later proceeded with his speech.

”When I went to the funeral of the Namibian president Hage Geingob, I said I must return here to celebrate with you,” Ruto said.

Before the blackout, Ruto said Uhuru was among the people who worked hard to ensure the wrangles that had threatened to divide the church were handled.

“When they (church delegation) came to me, I told them uniting the church is above my capability and told them I would look for the leaders of this country. I looked for President Uhuru Kenyatta and I would like to thank him because he played a very big role in uniting this church,” Ruto added.


On February 22, Ruto suffered two power blackouts while he was addressing his cabinet secretaries in Naivasha.

The blackouts lasted for more than three minutes.

“Are we there? OK…” Ruto said when the power went on before going out again.

Seconds later, the President resumed his off-the-cuff speech in the dark as, somehow, the microphones seemed to be working.

Not too long after saying a couple of sentences, the lights came back on as the President continued addressing his team.

As the President thanked a ‘David’ whom he credited with the success State departments have seen in service delivery, the lights suddenly went off yet again.

Seconds later, they flickered back on.

Unfazed, Ruto presses on, assuring his ministers that he and his team were actively involved in their successes.

“We are working together to ensure that nobody is left behind…No state department is left behind, and no ministry is left behind,” he concludes.

Ruto’s Speech Interrupted After Power Disruption in Kasarani