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HomeNewsRuto's recent directive to Inspector-General Koome.

Ruto’s recent directive to Inspector-General Koome.

Ruto’s recent directive to Inspector-General Koome.

Police officers are overjoyed with RUTO’s latest directive – see what he ordered IG KOOME to do in the future.
Police officers will no longer have to pay for their uniforms.

This comes after President William Ruto directed Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome to ensure that all officers wear government-provided uniforms.

Yesterday, while overseeing a pass-out parade of police constables at Kiganjo Training College, Ruto emphasized that the government had an obligation to provide the officers with the necessary uniforms and ensure that none of them were asked to purchase uniforms with their own money.

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Ruto expressed his displeasure with the situation in which officers were forced to pay for uniforms out of their own pockets and, in some cases, were forced to use subpar quality.

“I do not anticipate what has happened in the past when these officers have been asked to go and buy uniforms out of their own pockets.”

“I also anticipate that the uniforms will be of the quality that these men and women require to perform their duties,” Ruto said.

Furthermore, the President reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to improving police officers’ working conditions.

He stated that the Presidential Taskforce on Police Reforms was in charge of implementing reforms within the police force.

Among the concerns raised about police officers’ welfare are a plan to include them in an affordable housing plan and better medical coverage.

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