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Ruto Sends Experts to Build Kelvin Kiptum’s Family a 3-Bedroom House in 7 Days

Ruto Sends Experts to Build Kelvin Kiptum’s Family a 3-Bedroom House in 7 Days

On Thursday, President William Ruto dispatched specialists to the residence of the deceased world record holder, Kelvin Kiptum. Their task is to construct a three-bedroom house as per the president’s directives.

Ruto instructed the specialists to build the house seven days, preceding the scheduled burial of the athlete on February 24.

The expectation is for the Head of State to supervise the transfer of the house to Kiptum’s widow and children before the deceased is laid to rest.

Executing the directive involves the engineers initiating construction activities on Friday, after discussions held with the athlete’s family yesterday.

The Thursday conversations revolved around deciding the location for building the house, debating between Kiptum’s father’s residence and a plot of land purchased by the athlete.

Before succumbing to a fatal accident on Sunday, February 11, Kiptum expressed his final desire to construct a residence for his family. Asenath Jeruto, his wife, revealed that the athlete had already outlined the architectural blueprints for their dream home, which received approval from the county government.

The family was to begin constructing the home later in the year.

‘We had very many good plans with my husband. Even in April, I was to go with with to the Rotterdam Marathon. The house was to be done in June and we planned to move out after that.

“He also had plans to open a business for me because I am a stay-at-home mom,” she stated.


Significantly, Ruto’s directives were in harmony with the Cabinet’s commitment to organizing a fitting farewell for the athlete, who achieved a marathon record time of 2:00:35 in Chicago in October 2023.

At present, authorities are actively pursuing inquiries into the incident that resulted in the deaths of Kiptum and his Rwandese Coach Gervais Hakizimana, amidst suspicions of misconduct.

Those questioned included three enigmatic individuals who had visited Kiptum’s family four days before his demise, as well as the woman who survived the accident on Sunday, February 11.

Significantly, initial inquiries eliminated the possibility of any mechanical problems with the vehicle. Nonetheless, detectives indicated that a more thorough examination would be conducted to determine whether there was any interference or tampering with the car.

“The examiner said there was no pre-accident evidence of a mechanical breakdown, which means it had good breaks, tires, lights, everything mechanically okay,” Elgeyo Marakwet Police Commander Peter Mulinge stated.

Ruto Sends Experts to Build Kelvin Kiptum’s Family a 3-Bedroom House in 7 Days