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HomeNewsRuto Rejects Finance Bill 2024 After Public Outcry

Ruto Rejects Finance Bill 2024 After Public Outcry

Ruto Rejects Finance Bill 2024 After Public Outcry

President William Ruto announced on Wednesday, June 26, the full withdrawal of the contentious Finance Bill, 2024.

Speaking at the State House, the President revealed his change of heart and outlined alternatives for how Kenya could generate revenue in the coming financial years.

Ruto acknowledged the public’s outcry, stating that his administration had listened to the citizens who urged him to abandon the bill and lower the cost of living.

“After carefully considering the debate around the bill and hearing the voices of Kenyans who reject it, I have decided not to sign it. The bill will be withdrawn, and that is our position,” he announced.

He suggested that with the bill set aside, the country should now engage in discussions on collaboratively managing national affairs.

The President explained that the bill aimed to boost the country’s revenue, emphasizing that Kenya was heavily burdened by debt.

He noted that the funds raised from the bill were intended to subsidize fertilizer, pay Junior Secondary School (JSS) teachers, fund the last-mile connectivity project, implement the Universal Health Coverage plan, and support coffee and sugar cane farmers, among other initiatives.

Ruto mentioned that moving forward, his administration would involve young Kenyans in devising new ways to increase revenue.


This decision follows ongoing protests against the finance bill, with Kenyans demanding its complete withdrawal. The demonstrations, led by young Kenyans, have drawn international attention and calls from global leaders for the government to heed the people’s demands.

The protests, which started last week, have led to several fatalities, property damage, and numerous injuries.

Kenyans opposed the controversial bill, arguing it would raise the cost of basic goods, and urged the government to explore alternative tax collection methods.

Moreover, Kenyans criticized the government’s mismanagement of collected taxes, deeming it unreasonable to overburden struggling citizens with higher taxes.

Addressing the deaths and injuries, the President expressed condolences to the affected families.

“I extend my condolences to the families who lost loved ones in these tragic circumstances. Six people lost their lives yesterday, which should not have happened. We will establish a framework to ensure accountability for these six individuals,” he stated.

Ruto Rejects Finance Bill 2024 After Public Outcry