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Reforms Govt Will Introduce in Police Service From July

Reforms Govt Will Introduce in Police Service From July

On Tuesday, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua unveiled the government’s intention to implement reforms aimed at enhancing the welfare of personnel within the National Police Service (NPS).

Addressing reporters following a visit to Juja OCS Alex Misoi at Avenue Hospital, where he is recovering from an assault by unidentified attackers on Monday, the Deputy President emphasized that the government would initiate the reforms starting from July 1st.

He additionally pledged that efforts were being made to guarantee that officers injured while on duty would receive insurance coverage.

The Deputy President stated that moving forward, plans will include provisions for the families of officers who put their lives at risk while on duty.

“We have reforms that will be implemented from July, and we are even looking at the issues of insurance for officers injured in the line of duty, and to ensure officers risking their lives have their families protected,” Gachagua noted. 

In response to recent assaults on officers and police facilities, Gachagua vowed to accelerate the execution of plans, instructing police leaders to take decisive measures against individuals attacking officers and raiding police stations.

“The people need to know that you cannot attack police officers, and we will not allow it,” he stated.


“Commander, you must move swiftly, and clean up that village, because this impunity is of the highest order, and not acceptable,” Gachagua added. 

The police chief leading the inquiry into the assault on the OCS mentioned that 52 individuals associated with the event were apprehended and brought before the court on Tuesday.

“Over the night we had a round-up operation and arrested 52 people in connection to the village involved in all this, and this is something we are going to sustain,” the officer in charge noted. 

On April 1, the chief of police was wounded by an attacker who aimed an arrow at him in the Gachochoro region of Kiambu County.

The officer was leading a raid on an illicit brew den. 

After the event, the officer was quickly taken to Thika Level Five Hospital and subsequently moved to a private medical facility for surgery. The surgeon overseeing the procedure has verified its success, stating that the officer is now in stable condition.

Reforms Govt Will Introduce in Police Service From July