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Raila Goes After Ruto’s Jugular in Fresh Political Tussle

Raila Goes After Ruto’s Jugular in Fresh Political Tussle

Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio, voiced his disapproval on Saturday towards the government’s actions in evicting 3,000 individuals from Msambweni in Taita Taveta County that took place during the early hours of the morning.

While criticizing President William Ruto for what he described as forcible displacements, the ex-Prime Minister mentioned that he had engaged with leaders in Voi to seek a peaceful resolution to the issue.

“I have taken time to speak to different categories of community leaders in Voi and they have assured me of their commitment to finding a solution that is acceptable to all parties to the dispute,” Raila noted.

“We therefore call on the government to immediately stop the demolitions currently underway in Voi and any other part of the country.”

As per the opposition leader, the community had previously requested the government to provide compensation for the land taken by the State for the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) construction. This compensation would have allowed them to relocate, but unfortunately, their requests were ignored.


The eviction that commenced Saturday morning included a group of police officers who entered the area alongside a demolition team. This team has already demolished multiple houses on a piece of land that’s under dispute.

“As the community prepared to meet this afternoon, demolition started early in the morning. The entire leadership of the National Government Administration Officers in the county has refused to respond to distress calls of residents and instead gone into hiding,” Raila remarked.

“We remind Mr. William Ruto that during the campaigns, he promised that forceful evictions and demolition of dwellings would be a thing of the past. Ruto promised that where necessary, affected people would be provided with enough notice and compensation promptly paid.”

As per the Azimio leader, evictions are happening during challenging economic circumstances, precisely when parents are getting ready to send their children to school next Monday.

“Kenyans have so much burden to carry in the New Year. Losing a home should not be added to their burdens. The government needs to have feelings and empathy for the people,” read part of a statement by Raila.

“The times are too tough, the needs too pressing, and the weather too harsh for anyone to lose a home in the hands of the government.”

Orange Democratic Movement Party Leader Raila Odinga in Kisumu on November 27, 2023.

Raila Goes After Ruto’s Jugular in Fresh Political Tussle