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HomeNewsPutin to update Russians on Ukraine war plan on conflict's first anniversary.

Putin to update Russians on Ukraine war plan on conflict’s first anniversary.

Putin to update Russians on Ukraine war plan on conflict’s first anniversary.

The president’s speech has not been released in advance, but the war in Ukraine is expected to be the primary topic.

Later, the Russian president will provide an update on his “special military operation” in Ukraine.

After sending troops into the country nearly a year ago, Vladimir Putin will address members of both houses of parliament, military commanders, and soldiers.

Despite numerical superiority, Russian troops have been defeated multiple times since the beginning of the war, although they still control approximately one-fifth of Ukraine.

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Since Western nations responded to the invasion by imposing severe sanctions, Mr. Putin is also expected to discuss the world and Russia’s economic progress in his speech, which has not yet been released.

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin, told Russia’s TASS news agency, “Our entire life revolves around the issue of special operations.

“And the special military operation influences our lives in some way, as well as the lives of the continent’s inhabitants.

“Therefore, it is reasonable to anticipate that the president will devote considerable attention to the operation.

“Everyone is awaiting the president’s address, hoping to hear his assessment of the state of affairs, the special military operation, the international situation, and his vision for how we will manage it and develop in the future.”

According to TASS, federal television stations have allotted one hour for the president’s address, but Mr. Putin will determine the length of his remarks.

In April 2021, the speech lasted one hour and 19 minutes, compared to one hour and 55 minutes in April 2018 and 48 minutes in 2004 and 2005.

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The address is intended for a domestic audience, with approximately 1,000 guests anticipated, and only reporters from Russia and “friendly countries” are invited, according to a news agency.

Tens of thousands of men have been killed in the fighting in Ukraine, and Putin, 70, now asserts that the country is engaged in an existential struggle with an arrogant West that seeks to divide Russia and steal its vast natural resources.

Jailed Alexei Navalny, a Russian opposition politician, has accused Vladimir Putin of destroying Russia’s future for his ambitions.

“The true causes of this war are the political and economic problems within Russia, Putin’s desire to maintain power at any cost, and his fixation on his historical legacy,” Mr. Navalny stated.

Mr. Putin is scheduled to speak at 9 am UK time.