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Protocol Blunder? Why Ruto Pushed Sudi Aside for Gachagua(Video)

Protocol Blunder? Why Ruto Pushed Sudi Aside for Gachagua

Javas Bigambo, an expert on governance and devolution, has advised politicians who relish the privileges of authority to practice self-control and follow proper protocols when engaging with President William Ruto in public settings.

During the conversation with Gossipa2z, Bigambo mentioned the occasion when Ruto prevented Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi from walking ahead of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua as they departed from the funeral of world record holder Kelvin Kiptum.

In a widely circulated video, Ruto generated varied responses and discussions when he moved Sudi aside because the latter failed to catch his signal, cautioning him not to obstruct the Deputy President.

To conceal his mistake, Sudi was observed trying to embrace the DP before gently tapping him on the shoulder.


Bigambo, in analyzing the event, asserted that politicians in the President’s inner circle possess a significant level of influence, which is linked to their proximity to individuals holding crucial positions.

Nevertheless, their conduct, gestures, public presence, and schedules are influenced by both written and unwritten protocol guidelines.

“There is always the illusion of power because of access by individuals who are close to the center of power, in this case, the reference being the president,” he explained.

“Comparatively, if you look at other African countries, you will realize that there is a manner in which protocol is used, and not only guided but also respected, even if somebody is close to the president,” he argued.

Protocol Training

The Kenya School of Government provides training to state employees and prominent leaders in diverse subjects such as protocol, etiquette, foreign affairs, and governance.

Bigambo underscored the importance of providing additional training on protocol to individuals in public office beyond what is covered in formal education. This is aimed at avoiding similar awkward situations in the future.

“In that respect, it is also important for CSs, PSs, and even MPs to undergo protocol training to guide them the moment they are sworn into office. So that some of these embarrassments don’t get to arise, or breaches,” he stated.

“Also, one does not need to show the media or public that they are close to the president, because that is when we invite such kind of embarrassments, merely because you want to show you are close to power,” Bigambo, a renowned political analyst added.

Who Takes the Blame for Ruto-Sudi Incident

Bigambo refrained from assigning blame to any state official, instead suggesting that the head of public service, Felix Koskei, or even the head of protocol take on the responsibility of guiding politicians around President Ruto.

“In the same way, people appointed as ambassadors always undergo protocol training at the School of Government.“

“Such kind of training, guided and coordinated by the head of the public service, State House, as well as the speaker’s office, to address the matter of protocol and training for all leaders and public service officers.”

Ruto-Gachagua Bromance?

Bigambo, a lawyer and political communication strategist, also shared his perspective on analysts who praised Ruto for handling Sudi but disagreed with those suggesting that his actions revealed a close friendship between the President and his deputy.

He contended that Ruto’s actions were driven by spontaneity, attributing it to his comprehensive understanding of politics and protocol gained through his diverse roles in the country, ranging from a Member of Parliament to the President.

“So far we have not seen any display of disregard between the President and his DP, the way we had seen in the Jubilee regime with Uhuru and Ruto. However, there could be some kind of power play behind the curtains, which is more often noticed in Kenya than in any other country.

“This can be attributed to the need to control powers within various electoral borders,” Bigambo, a director at Interthoughts Consulting explained.

Critics Differ

Pauline Njoroge, the deputy organizing secretary of Jubilee, asserted that supporters of Ruto were causing obstacles for Gachagua behind the scenes. This conclusion was drawn from an incident that garnered notice in political circles.

“Sudi literally put back into his place. How could he try to walk in front of the deputy president in public? These are things they do to him behind closed doors. But in public surely?” Njoroge, an opposition party member lamented.

What Does the Law State

Executive Order No. 1 issued in 2023 delineates the hierarchy within the Executive branch, starting with the President, then the Deputy President, the Prime Cabinet Secretary, the Attorney-General, and subsequently the Cabinet Secretaries.

Following them are the Chief of Staff and Head of the Public Service, Secretary to the Cabinet, Principal Secretaries, Comptroller of State House, the Private Secretary to the President, the Chief of Staff to the Deputy President, and the Chief of Staff to the Prime Cabinet Secretary.

Protocol officers are responsible for organizing seating arrangements and directing the positioning of individuals. They determine the order of seniority on occasions where the mentioned individuals are absent but are attended by other dignitaries such as Supreme Court judges, Governors, Members of Parliament, and Senators.

Protocol Blunder? Why Ruto Pushed Sudi Aside for Gachagua