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HomeNewsPresident Ruto Alleges Judiciary Sabotaging Government, Escalates Accusations(Video)

President Ruto Alleges Judiciary Sabotaging Government, Escalates Accusations(Video)

President Ruto Alleges Judiciary Sabotaging Government, Escalates Accusations

President William Ruto has stated that his government is determined to halt the actions of corrupt judicial officials and put an end to judicial misconduct at any expense.

In another foreboding address, this time directed specifically towards the Judiciary, the President stated that those benefiting from corruption had collaborated with dishonest members of the judiciary to prevent the progress and development of Kenyans.

President Ruto, whose initiatives on Universal Health Care and affordable housing have been halted by legal intervention, stated that his administration will not permit these interruptions to persist.

For the second time in three days, the Head of State addressed a subject currently in court, emphasizing his remarks during his speech in Nyandarua on Tuesday.

After unleashing a vehement verbal attack on those he saw as adversaries just hours before the New Year on Sunday, President Ruto resumed his stance by affirming that his administration would not permit individuals who have profited from corruption to hinder initiatives aimed at benefiting the nation’s people.

“Our Judiciary, we respect you but judicial impunity by corrupt judicial officers must stop in Kenya…we’ll stop it and whatever it takes,” he said.

Although he admitted his admiration for the Judiciary, he didn’t refrain from addressing matters currently under court consideration and where his administration has faced recent criticism.

“Ati watu wachache, wawili watatu wameenda kortini, wakahongana kortini mipango hiyo ikasimamishwa…barabara ikasimamishwa, Universal Health Coverage ikasimamishwa, mambo ya housing inasimamishwa…lazima tuulizane, lazima tuwe na mjadala,” he went on.

President Ruto alleged that corrupt individuals embezzled up to half of the NHIF funds, aiming to obstruct healthcare reforms through legal means to sustain their gains.


“Ati watu wachache wameenda kortini na majamaa watatu wenye wamezoea kufuja pesa ya NHIF… sasa 50 percent ya pesa ya NHIF wao ndio wamekuwa wakiiba…we have had fake hospitals…fake doctors,” he stated.

“Eti sasa wameshikana wakatafuta wale corrupt judicial officers ili waendelee kuiba nusu ya pesa ya NHIF…hiyo my friends haiwezi kuendelea.”

President Ruto additionally criticized the Judiciary under Chief Justice Martha Koome, alleging that it operates with impunity. He urged the Executive to resist any directives from the Judiciary that could hinder the nation’s progress and development.

“Judicial impunity must stop in kenya…we will stop it..ati sasa hii barabara mahakama imesema tusijenge…tungoje Judiciary mpaka ituambie tujenge….baas bwana PS Mbugua weka pesa kwa hii barabara tuanze kazi,” he said.

In what appeared to be a planned assault on the Judiciary, lawmakers supporting President Ruto also aligned themselves with his actions.

Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wah said: “We know all those people who are being used to rush to courts every day to sabotage the government…we will name and shame you.”

His Kiharu counterpart Ndndi Nyoro chimed in: “Mr. President, we know them…they are sympathizers of the opposition…their work is to go and stop any government projects while on the other hand threaten the government with maandamano.”

President Ruto additionally rebuked the opposition after their warnings to organize further large-scale demonstrations regarding the tax legislation.

“Tuwache vitisho ya maandamano..give us your alternative views if you have…hii ni upinzani imeishiwa…mpango tu wako nayo ni ya vita na maandamano,” he said.

The President reassured the residents that despite the heavy taxes, the nation’s economy was on a positive path.

President Ruto Alleges Judiciary Sabotaging Government, Escalates Accusations