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Precast House: Inside Tech Used to Deliver Kelvin Kiptum’s House in 7 Days & Average Costs

Precast House: Inside Tech Used to Deliver Kelvin Kiptum’s House in 7 Days & Average Costs

President William Ruto instructed a contractor last week to ensure the construction of two houses for the family of the deceased athlete Kelvin Kiptum before his burial in West Pokot County.

The project, which commenced on Friday, is anticipated to conclude by this Thursday. The contractor, Vastu Company Limited, expresses confidence in successfully meeting this deadline.

To guarantee timely service delivery, the contractor relied on an obscure but remarkably efficient technology recognized within engineering circles as precast or prefabricated housing.

What is a Precast House

Emerging from Nordic nations like Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland, precast housing is a construction method enabling builders to manufacture concrete elements away from the actual construction site.

The technology is becoming widely popular globally due to its cost-effectiveness and the substantial decrease in the construction time for houses.

Initially, the contractor establishes a framework consisting of a precast suspended foundation, precast walls, and a butterfly-style mabati roof, along with the installation of gutters, conduits, and piping.


Regarding the Kelvin Kiptum residence, the contractor observed that the framework and roofing had been finished by Sunday, achieving completion within a span of three days.

Subsequently, plumbing installation took place, along with the application of cement boards and gypsum lighting for both the exterior and interior boarding during the construction process.

“We have all the materials expected to be used inside the house including the tiles and by Thursday afternoon we shall be able to hand over the project,” the contractor told the press.

Costs and Use

As stated by Floor and Decor, a construction firm, it takes 12 days to build the structure of a 3-bedroom, two-bathroom house, with a cost amounting to Ksh950,000.

A different company suggests that the cost for a precast house, including transportation expenses, is around Ksh 1,111 per square meter, whereas using natural quarry stones would amount to Ksh 1,550.

Consequently, the construction cost for a basic one-bedroom house can reach Ksh 700,000 when finished, while a two-bedroom house is projected to be around Ksh 1.1 million. The total expenditure for a completed three-bedroom house may amount to Ksh 3.2 million.

The expenses associated with construction are influenced by factors such as the house’s dimensions, the intricacy of the design, and the specific location of the construction site.

Precast House: Inside Tech Used to Deliver Kelvin Kiptum’s House in 7 Days & Average Costs