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Powers & Hefty Salary Raila Will Earn If Elected as AU Chairperson 

Powers & Hefty Salary Raila Will Earn If Elected as AU Chairperson 

If Raila Odinga successfully secures the position of African Union (AU) Chairperson, he will hold significant influence across the continent.

According to the AU mandate, the chairperson is assigned 12 statutory responsibilities and receives a monthly remuneration of Ksh2.4 million (equivalent to US$15,576.75), along with additional substantial benefits.

Significantly, if the ODM leader secures the position, he will take on the responsibilities of being the Chief Executive Officer, Legal Representative, and Accounting Officer of the Union.

Here are the roles of the AU Chairperson  

The primary duty of the individual occupying the highly profitable position is to serve as the administrator and enforcer of the AU. Additionally, they will be responsible for formulating the Union’s budget, which amounts to billions of shillings.

In the realm of diplomacy, the Chairperson is tasked with advocating for the objectives and interests of the African Union on the global stage. Consequently, the individual holding this position is obligated to participate in various continental events, including summits like the US-Africa summit and Italy-Africa summit, among others.

Furthermore, the CEO of the Union holds the position of chairperson and sets the agenda for the African Union Commission (AUC). In his capacity as CEO, he is responsible for determining the Commission’s size and structure, as well as making crucial appointments to various positions within it.


If Raila is elected, he will also receive all treaties and legal instruments of the African Union.

“The Chairperson is mandated to facilitate the functioning, decision-making, and reporting of all AU organ meetings, and ensure conformity and harmony with agreed AU policies, strategies, programs, and projects.

“Other mandates include consulting and coordinating with Member States’ governments, other institutions and the Regional Economic Communities (RECs) on the AU’s activities, and carry out the AU’s diplomatic representations,” read the AU mandate in part.

Nevertheless, in his role as the chairperson, he will be accountable to the Heads of State. He will need to generate necessary reports to assist the leaders in making decisions for both the Union and the continent.


In addition to the monthly salary of Ksh2.4 million, the AU Chairperson also receives a monthly rental allowance of USD6,000 (equivalent to Ksh933,000), covering rent and utilities like electricity.

Alternatively, if Raila secures victory in the election, his spouse, Ida, will receive monthly support as well.

“Retention of the Spouse Allowance of 5 percent of Basic Salary, on the condition that eligible spouse is not receiving remuneration exceeding USD500 (Ksh77,750) per month,” read the remuneration guidelines in part.

Significantly, the African Union covers the entire tuition fees for the Chairperson’s children who are studying in Africa or any region worldwide, excluding Europe and North America.


Raila has officially announced his candidacy for the position and garnered support from Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo on Thursday.

To compete effectively, Raila needs to garner support for his candidacy from President William Ruto. Subsequently, Ruto will work to persuade his counterparts throughout the continent to endorse Raila.

Raila is seeking to replace Moussa Faki Mahamat and will serve for four years should he get elected.

Powers & Hefty Salary Raila Will Earn If Elected as AU Chairperson