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HomeNewsPopular Kikuyu 'Firirinda' Hit Maker, Dick Munyonyi is Dead

Popular Kikuyu ‘Firirinda’ Hit Maker, Dick Munyonyi is Dead

Popular Kikuyu ‘Firirinda’ Hit Maker, Dick Munyonyi is Dead

Popular Kikuyu Benga musician Dick Munyonyi is popular for his hit song ‘Firirinda’ has passed away.

According to reports, the musician died while receiving treatment at Gatundu Level 5 Hospital in Kiambu County.

Following his passing, the musician’s body was transported to the hospital’s morgue, as his family began preparations for the legend’s final sendoff.

Munyonyi has grappled with persistent health issues over the years, having contracted tuberculosis shortly after the release of “Firirinda” in 1986.

Collage of popular ‘Fifirinda’ hitmaker Dick Munyoyi.

This forced him to quit active singing as he battled the disease, being on and off drugs.


It however did not stop him from producing other songs though, closely following the hit with other songs such as ‘kuua mwana’ which loosely translates to carry the child.

Munyonyi also performed at former president, Uhuru Kenyatta’s wedding in 1989.

However, the disease ultimately took a toll on him forcing him to step back settling on the guitar as his son took after him.

Notably, Firirinda, though a popular song among Kikuyu listeners, was never a hit song on a national level. However, the tune blew up when journalist Jeff Kuria shared the hit song on social media which took the internet by storm, especially among young Mt Kenya residents.

The song has since become a sensation across social media platforms with youngsters even dancing to its challenges on TikTok.

Kenya Film and Classification Board, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ezekiel Mutua (left) and singer Dick Munyonyi.

Popular Kikuyu ‘Firirinda’ Hit Maker, Dick Munyonyi is Dead