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HomeNewsPolice Constable Attempts Suicide After Killing a Prison Officer in Kitale

Police Constable Attempts Suicide After Killing a Prison Officer in Kitale

Police Constable Attempts Suicide After Killing a Prison Officer in Kitale

On Tuesday, a law enforcement officer fatally shot a prison guard at a liquor establishment in Kitale Town.

The police reported that the officer attempted suicide and also inflicted injuries upon himself with a gunshot.

The cause of the shooting at the bar near Kitale Law Courts, which occurred at 3:50 pm, remains uncertain.

According to witnesses, the individual wielding a handgun began shooting at the guard following a dispute over an undisclosed matter.

Several patrons at the establishment, including another prison guard, hastily left the area when the officer shot his colleague out of concern that they might become the next targets.

The driver, employed as a warder, awaited the transfer of remandees from the Law Court to Kitale Main prison, as reported by the police.

The lorry with the remainder was driven by another warden, police said.

Witnesses reported that individuals running businesses in the vicinity quickly shut down and fled for safety when the renegade officer fired at the guard and issued threats to anyone near the incident.

Several officers who had reached the vicinity attempted to convince a familiar colleague to surrender, but their efforts were in vain.

They soon recognized that he was lying on the ground, writhing in agony and bleeding.


The constable was disarmed by the officers, then handcuffed and swiftly transported to Kitale County Hospital in a vehicle, suffering injuries to his hand and leg.

Gideon Oyagi, the County Commissioner of Trans Nzoia, along with Patrick Gaitariria, the police chief of Trans Nzoia West, paid a visit to the location.

They described the incident as unfortunate and declared that investigations are currently underway to determine the motive.

The corpse of the prison guard was transported to the morgue in Kitale County.

Authorities mentioned that this may be connected to trauma, which stands as the primary factor causing fatalities among police and prison personnel.

They are anticipated to uphold law and order in challenging circumstances, even jeopardizing their lives. The increase in fatalities within the profession over time has been associated with the experience of trauma.

Efforts are being made to address the trend, officials say.

Many police officers have lost their lives either through suicide or have been involved in fatal incidents, a pattern linked to workplace stress.

In an attempt to tackle the prevailing trend, law enforcement agencies have introduced counseling services, and the National Police Service Commission has set up a dedicated unit with staff to address the challenging circumstances they face.

The counseling department will, among its various responsibilities, assess, create, and spearhead an outreach initiative aimed at preventing mental health issues and substance abuse.

Police Constable Attempts Suicide After Killing a Prison Officer in Kitale