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ODM MP Kanchori: William Ruto has made Kenya better

ODM MP Kanchori: William Ruto has made Kenya better

Memusi Kanchori, the Member of Parliament for Kajiado Central, who won the 2022 General Election as a candidate of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), has declared his loyalty to the Kenya Kwanza administration. He has committed to backing all initiatives spearheaded by President William Ruto.

The ODM party is part of the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya Coalition.

While addressing the audience in Laikipia County on Wednesday, Kanchori, during President Ruto’s visit to inaugurate diverse development initiatives, revealed a shift in his perspective. He mentioned that he once opposed government projects, both within and outside Parliament. However, he expressed a change of heart, stating that he has now gained a new understanding and intends to contest his parliamentary seat in 2027 as a UDA party candidate.

He mentioned that Dr. Ruto had shifted the discourse in Kenya from exclusive politics to policies driven by the people, and moving forward, he would support initiatives like Universal Health Care (UHC), accessible housing, and the empowerment of farmers to enhance food security.

“Your excellency, you have changed the conversation of this country. Had we [Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya Coalition] won the 2022 election, by now it would have been turned into a government for the rich. No one will ever win the presidency of this country without talking about issues affecting the common citizens,” the MP said.

Inspection tour

Kanchori, while conducting a review of the improvement work on the Ngobit-Withare-Lamuria-Ngobit Girls road to upgrade it to bitumen standards, expressed that the president has a clear comprehension of the difficulties experienced by Kenyans. One major issue is the high cost of healthcare, leading citizens to sell their assets to cover medical expenses.

The Kajiado Member of Parliament’s shift in perspective is among the recent strategies employed by the Kenya Kwanza government to gain support from the opposition. However, certain critics view it as an undermining of democratic principles.

The action also demonstrates Kenya Kwanza’s commitment to attracting leaders from the Maa community. Despite being elected on opposition party tickets, many of them have expressed their endorsement of President Ruto and his development initiatives.


Sarah Korere, the Member of Parliament for Laikipia North, who successfully retained her position as a representative of the Jubilee Party, has become a staunch advocate for the President. She was one of the leaders who expressed strong support for the affordable housing project, an initiative that faced opposition from Azimio.

Opposition figure Raila Odinga and other leaders aligned with the Azimio movement have previously criticized what they refer to as the ‘recruitment’ of their members using incentives, to diminish dissenting voices and decrease their representation in Parliament to facilitate the smooth passage of government-backed legislation.

However, individuals who have resigned, including certain Jubilee Party leaders, have refuted allegations of being persuaded to leave the opposition. Instead, they assert that their decision was influenced by the voices and concerns of their constituents.

ODM MP Kanchori: William Ruto has made Kenya better