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NYS Requirement 2024: Qualifications for Enlistment

NYS Requirement 2024: Qualifications for Enlistment

On Wednesday, January 10, the National Youth Service (NYS) outlined the prerequisites for young Kenyans interested in enrolling in the service.

Following an influx of inquiries from Kenyan citizens eager to understand the prerequisites for enlistment in 2024, the paramilitary training force took action.

According to NYS, the recruitment exercise will be undertaken in every sub-county across all 47 counties in Kenya

Upon the recruitment day, NYS indicated its intention to issue a public statement through print and digital media channels.

NYS trainees during a pass-out parade.

Qualifications & Requirements for 2024 NYS Recruitment

Any individual aspiring to become a part of NYS must be a native-born Kenyan citizen. Those who have obtained citizenship through naturalization are not eligible to apply.


Individuals from Kenya who desire to enlist in the Service need to fall within the age bracket of 18 to 24 years old. This requirement aligns with the NYS vision aiming to become a hub of distinction in shaping, educating, and enabling the youth of Kenya.

For those seeking academic qualifications, prospective candidates need to have achieved at least a grade of D (plain) or its comparable level in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.

Young individuals need to be in good health both medically and physically, a requirement that is confirmed during the recruitment process.

Young individuals participating in the recruitment process must have no criminal record. It is required to provide a certificate of good conduct issued by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Finally, prospective applicants must satisfy any additional requirements that may be specified by the Director General periodically.

Employment Opportunities After Training

NYS guaranteed the youth of Kenya that they had formulated a plan to ensure that every graduate is placed in a job once they finish the program.

“Just to mention but a few, 80 percent transition to other disciplined services, labor export to Europe amongst others,” a statement from NYS read in part. 

In November 2023, President William Ruto instructed that preference should be given to NYS trainees in the recruitment processes for the police and military.

NYS Requirement 2024: Qualifications for Enlistment