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New Twist in Kenya’s Mission to Haiti After PM Ariel Henry Speaks Out 

New Twist in Kenya’s Mission to Haiti After PM Ariel Henry Speaks Out 

Kenya’s dispatch of its police force to Haiti has encountered another obstacle following a disagreement among the political factions participating in the establishment of the transition council.

Specifically, Haiti’s departing Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, has raised skepticism regarding the establishment of the suggested mediator entity, a development that has brought uncertainty to the dispatch of Kenyan police to the Caribbean nation.

The establishment of the transition council has been overshadowed by legal disputes following Ariel’s assertion that the council is unconstitutional, rendering it illegal.

Reports suggest Henry has since sought advice from CARICOM, the Caribbean regional body overseeing the transition process even as he demands to know the way forward.

The absence of agreement in establishing the council currently presents a significant risk to the already protracted efforts to resolve the conflicts in Haiti.

The recent shift in attitude occurs one month after Ariel promised to resign from their position as the nation’s prime minister upon the establishment of the new council.


Members of the Haitian gangs prompted his demand to step down from the position of Prime Minister, alleging that he assumed power without being duly elected.

Reports indicate that disputes surrounding the establishment of the transition council have plunged the nation into a humanitarian emergency, leaving a vacuum in leadership with nobody to assume control of the country.

The most recent advancements occur one month following the signing of an agreement between Haiti and Kenya, permitting the deployment of Kenyan officers to the multinational mission.

The pact was formalized on March 1st at State House, with Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki and Haiti’s Security Minister, witnessed by President William Ruto and Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

During his encounter with the Prime Minister of Haiti, Ruto pledged assistance in addressing the gang issue in the Caribbean nation, emphasizing the common heritage shared by the two countries.

“We are offering the experience and expertise of our police officers in the Multinational Security Support Mission in Haiti as mandated by the United Nations Security Council and as guided by our courts,” Ruto stated.

New Twist in Kenya’s Mission to Haiti After PM Ariel Henry Speaks Out