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HomeNewsNCCK Calls For The Resignation Of CS Nakhumicha, Murkomen And Linturi

NCCK Calls For The Resignation Of CS Nakhumicha, Murkomen And Linturi

NCCK Calls For The Resignation Of CS Nakhumicha, Murkomen And Linturi

The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) is now calling for the resignation of Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha for failing to avert the ongoing human resource crisis in the health sector.

The council has accused Nakhumicha of laxity in managing the strikes by doctors, clinical officers and medical laboratory officers unions, which have left thousands of Kenyans unable to access treatment.

The clergy also want Cabinet Secretaries for agriculture and his transport counterpart to step aside, following the fake fertilizer scandal and the increased road carnage witnessed in recent months. 

NCCK Nairobi region chairman Alphonse Kanga says that the wanton suffering endured by patients in public hospitals should be enough reason for the CS to vacate office

“If I was the minister of health by this time either if one person dies in some countries because there is something wrong it is either she fixes it or steps out it is simple,” said Dr Kanga. 

“It is not the people of my calibre who are suffering, a Bishop can afford to go to Aga Khan Hospital but the grandmother yule yuko mashinani cannot afford so we want to see the president talk about it, solve this problem and let people live well in this nation.”


The men of cloth also raised concern over Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi for failing to reign in on those involved in the suspected fake fertiliser fiasco. 

Kanga accused the CS of shielding individuals who are out to swindle unsuspecting farmers through the government fertilizer subsidy program.

“Mbolea ilitoka ilipeanwa with the systems that exist they have the accountability, they know the storekeepers they have the lorries that transported… the ministry of agriculture should not come to tell us ilikuwa ikatembea he should come and tell us this happened and either so and so has been sacked or he himself he has stepped down,” said the Reverend.

With the rising statistics of road carnage, the NCCK officials say Transport CS Kipchumba Murkomen has work to do to tame the situation

By late March, more than 1,000 people had died in road accidents, way higher than trends in previous years. 

“The rate of accidents in Kenya can be measured with the rate of corruption in this country. We must have consolidated efforts with the police and NTSA and everybody else who is concerned because for those vehicles to do what they are doing right now it only means that things have gone out of hand,’ Kanga noted.

Despite the mounting pressure, there has been no direct response from President William Ruto on the three issues of health, fertiliser and road carnage.

NCCK Calls For The Resignation Of CS Nakhumicha, Murkomen And Linturi