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HomeNewsNana's Threatening Khosi on #BBTitans

Nana’s Threatening Khosi on #BBTitans

Nana’s Threatening Khosi on #BBTitans

Nana, a BBTitans housemate, is still bragging about her fight with fellow housemate Khosi over Thanag last night.

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Gistreel previously reported on Nana and Khosi’s heated argument, which almost led to the ladies getting physical.

Nana’s Threatening Khosi on #BBTitans. Today, while chit-chatting with her gang, the Kaduna native revisits last night’s issue, claiming that Khosi has no idea who she is.

She claims to be part of “a deadly group of people who can fuck Khosi up” if she tries to touch her.
She went on to say that these people are standing outside, watching.

Watch video below: