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Mumias’ Enigmatic Showman: Peter Salasya’s Rise from Obscurity to Infamy

Mumias’ Enigmatic Showman: Peter Salasya’s Rise from Obscurity to Infamy

Peter Kelerwa Salasya was initially recognized solely by the residents of Mumias East. However, he gained national prominence after they elected him in the recent General Election, transforming him from a local figure to a figure of national significance.

Initially reserved, he later became a constant presence in the media spotlight. The narrative shifted from his humble beginnings to controversies, ranging from intimidating judges to engaging in altercations with fellow politicians during funeral events.

Mr. Salasya has regained public attention after he criticized a Member of the County Assembly in Kakamega County.

Salasya surprised Peter Walunya Indimuli at a funeral in Mumias, delivering an unexpected and forceful slap to his face.

The event sparked a confrontation that led to a disturbance during the burial. Attendees scattered for safety as firearms were brandished, resulting in gunfire.

The Member of Parliament (MP) was subsequently taken into custody and granted temporary release after posting a Ksh.50,000 cash bond. The individual is now awaiting a court appearance on Monday to face charges of assault.

He subsequently mentioned that he struck the MCA because the latter persistently provoked him, claiming that he had been instructed by the local governor to create problems for him.

Salasya expressed that he won’t tolerate harm from others and is ready to defend himself rather than passively endure it.

The most recent occurrence is just one among several involving the novice Member of Parliament, whose introduction to national politics has been characterized by controversy and unconventional behavior.

Peter Kelerwa Salasya, at the age of 35, garnered the backing of the people of Mumias East during his time as a bicycle vendor in Kakamega.

In 2017, he competed for the position of Member of Parliament but finished at the bottom among nine contenders. His outspoken stance on the challenges faced by Mumias Sugar company garnered him public support.

Devoid of any substantial backing, and with support from Eugene Wamalwa, he contested once more for the parliamentary seat in 2022, emerging victorious.

Salasya was quickly thrust into the realm of national politics. During his initial conversation with PoliticalPulseChat, he shared the story of entering Parliament with just Ksh.500 in his possession, emphasizing that he had virtually nothing at the time.

A year later, he has become widely known, mostly for negative reasons. When the Member of Parliament isn’t sharing pictures on social media featuring expensive alcohol and appearing intoxicated, he’s likely boasting about his new SUV or getting involved in altercations at events attended by Kakamega Governor Fernandes Barasa.

Salasya stands out as a prominent adversary of Governor Barasa. On November 12, 2023, the Member of Parliament became involved in a tumultuous confrontation with Barasa’s supporters. The altercation erupted when one of them confronted Salasya and forcefully took away the microphone as he was expressing his criticisms of the governor.

Salasya swiftly pursued the assailant, throwing punches that failed to connect. Meanwhile, a growing number of individuals hurried towards the stage as pandemonium unfolded.

The Member of Parliament was swiftly taken away despite resisting and attempting to strike his assailants. Simultaneously, his bodyguard brandished a firearm, while law enforcement officers endeavored to diffuse the tense situation.

A fortnight later, Salasya posted a video on a social media platform, featuring him beside his damaged Land Cruiser, complete with a shattered rear window.

He pointed an accusatory finger at Barasa, alleging that he had dispatched thugs to assault him and vandalize his vehicle. He asserted that the governor was deploying young individuals to cause property damage and cautioned that he could resort to using force if faced with an attack.

Salasya subsequently participated in a funeral ceremony alongside Barasa. During the event, the master of ceremonies was audible, pleading with the young attendees to remain composed.


His followers insisted on allowing him to address the audience. Salasya delivered a concise 30-second speech without creating any theatrical or disruptive scenes.

On various social media platforms, Salasya persisted in posting video snippets featuring his lively moments at clubs, where he engaged in revelry, enjoying drinks and dancing. Additionally, he didn’t hold back when it came to responding to certain individuals critical of him.

The Member of Parliament warned that he would remove and block anyone who criticized his actions, emphasizing his preference to associate only with those who support him.

He has additionally expressed his intention to leave the Azimio la Umoja coalition party should he be compelled to engage in a handshake with Governor Barasa.

At the Africa Climate Summit held in Nairobi last September, Salasya gained attention as he seemed unaware of the summit’s details, despite being present at the KICC venue.

He began on a positive note by acknowledging the reality of climate change, but unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse shortly thereafter.

“I was in Mombasa last week, and it was so cold. I asked them, what is happening? They told me the sun has become too much and the ice is melting, and so when it melts, that thing becomes cold,” he said propelling him to a trending topic as Kenyans panned him.

He dismissed the critics by stating that he lacked expertise in climate change and continued with his life without letting it bother him.

However, he quickly returned to the spotlight. Allegedly, he made threats against Magistrate Gladys Kiama from the Kakamega Small Claims Court, who had instructed him to settle a debt of Ksh.500,000 to a local businessman.

After the verdict, reports suggest that the rookie lawmaker approached the Magistrate beyond the courtroom and allegedly issued a death threat.

“At around 1230 hours while at Kakamega Law Courts, having delivered a judgment in a small claim matter vide case no. SSC E541/2023 against Hon. Peter Salasya, MP for Mumias East Constituency where he had been sued for failing to refund the money loaned to him by the claimant. He confronted her outside the courtroom and threatened to kill her and then took off,” reads a report filed at the Kakamega Police Station.

He underwent questioning from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) for a duration of two hours and was subsequently granted release on police bail of Ksh.20,000 on December 4th.

Despite the drama that often surrounds Salasya, it appears that he is genuinely dedicated to serving the needs of his constituents.

In the November 2023 research poll conducted by Infotrak, Salasya emerged as one of the high-achieving young leaders in Kenya.

As per the survey results, Ndindi Nyoro (representing Kiharu) achieved an average rating of 70%, securing the top position among the top 10 most effective young Members of Parliament in the year 2023.

Igembe South MP Paul Mwirigi secured the second position with a 66% rating, sharing the spot with Christopher Wangaya from Khwisero. Salasya took the fourth position with a 64% rating.

Mumias’ Enigmatic Showman: Peter Salasya’s Rise from Obscurity to Infamy