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HomeNewsMP Salasya Speaks After Being Released By Police

MP Salasya Speaks After Being Released By Police

MP Salasya Speaks After Being Released By Police

Mumias East Member of Parliament Peter Salasya spoke out on Saturday, breaking his silence shortly after being arrested on charges of assaulting another politician.

Expressing his displeasure about the arrest that he deemed unjustified, the Member of Parliament raised concerns about the lack of arrests for assaults on him. He questioned why no one has faced legal consequences for targeting him, despite his assertion that he is frequently attacked when taking similar actions.

“This is the fourth time this vehicle has been stoned and me being attacked but no single individual has ever been arrested and questioned why …when God is still on my side,” Salasya lamented.

“I will continue to forgive them 70×70 times,” he added.

Salasya, on his social media platforms, posted an image of his Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, showcasing a shattered rear windshield. He asserted that the damage was inflicted by assailants who were allegedly sent to harm him.

Describing the challenges he faced with the police at a public event, the troubled Member of Parliament mentioned that he was forced to rest on an unfurnished floor without a mattress or blanket.

“Am currently on the ground, though I was made to sleep inside a cell without anything, no mattress no blanket no nothing,” he stated.


The lawmaker was apprehended and held at Shianda Police Station on Friday for assaulting Peter Walunya, a County Assembly Member from Malaha, during a funeral in Kakamega.

Salasya had the opportunity to speak to the mourners and offer comfort to the family of the deceased. During this time, he noticed Walunya, who was trying to confront him regarding his alleged lack of proper behavior while addressing the mourners.

Upset by the circumstances, the enraged legislator loudly berated the MCA and proceeded to physically strike him, all while being recorded by the cameras.

The Member of Parliament faced charges related to physically attacking and causing real bodily harm, as well as engaging in disruptive behavior that violated section 95(1) of the penal code.

He was subsequently granted release upon payment of a cash bail amounting to KSh50,000. However, he is anticipated to make a court appearance on Tuesday, January 16.

A photo collage of Mumias East MP Peter Salasya attacking a politician at a funeral in Kakamega County on January 12, 2024. 

MP Salasya Speaks After Being Released By Police