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HomeNewsMissing Persons Expert Analyzes X Factor Star Levi Davis' Disappearance as 'Complicated'

Missing Persons Expert Analyzes X Factor Star Levi Davis’ Disappearance as ‘Complicated’

Missing Persons Expert Analyzes X Factor Star Levi Davis’ Disappearance as ‘Complicated’

The disappearance of Levi Davis in Spain, according to an expert on missing persons, was “more complicated” due in part to decreased information sharing between British and European police forces following Brexit.

The case of the former Bath and Worthing rugby player and X Factor Celebrity star is currently being investigated by a specialized criminal investigation unit in Spain, following his disappearance in Barcelona in late October.

Levi remains officially listed as a missing person, but the Spanish unit is investigating whether criminal activity was involved.

Former National Crime Agency agent Charlie Hedges stated that complications were “amplified” in international cases.

Missing Persons Expert Analyzes X Factor Star Levi Davis’ Disappearance as ‘Complicated’. Mr. Hedges, who established a police expert network for missing people across Europe, stated that additional obstacles include language barriers and different judicial systems, as well as the fact that European nations have distinct police operations.

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Mr. Hedges stated on BBC’s File on 4 that the primary responsibility for Levi’s disappearance rested with the Spanish police, as he went missing in Spain.

With Brexit came the loss of a centralized information system that allowed UK police to flag a missing person or a wanted person, which would then be automatically flagged to all European police forces.

In its report titled “Beyond Brexit: policing, law enforcement, and security,” the European Union Security and Justice Subcommittee noted that after Brexit is finalized, the United Kingdom “will no longer have access to the Schengen Information System.”

The system had been utilized previously ” extensively,” according to the report, to “obtain real-time information regarding the movements of criminals, missing persons, and objects of interest.”

Hedges added, “We must return to the traditional method of notifying Interpol, which can issue a yellow notice to alert police forces in other nations about a missing person and facilitate communication between the two nations.”

According to foreign office statistics, approximately 600 British citizens go missing each year abroad.

The Catalan Police have stated that the case surrounding Levi’s disappearance contains “unsettling” details for which there is “no logical explanation.”

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Due to Spanish law, the police, also known as Mossos d’Esquadra, were prohibited from releasing any additional information to the public.

Levi arrived in Barcelona by boat on October 29 after spending the week of October 17 with his friend Richard Squire in Ibiza.

Davis recently signed a record deal, and the last time they saw each other was when Richard dropped Levi off in Ibiza Town, where they had collaborated on songs.

Levi sent Richard an unexpected text message informing him that he was traveling to Barcelona to “see friends.”

Missing Persons Expert Analyzes X Factor Star Levi Davis’ Disappearance as ‘Complicated’. Concerned, Richard asked his 2019 Celebrity X Factor contestant friend to call him when he arrived.

Richard said: “I then sent him a voice message stating, ‘You’re causing me concern. Please inform me of your location.”

Richard was compelled to inform Levi’s friends and family of the situation before an official investigation was launched on November 8.

One of the rugby player’s last known sightings was at a bar in the city center called the Old Irish Pub. A WhatsApp voice note was also exchanged on October 30 a few minutes past midnight.

Levi stated in the recording that Barcelona was “beautiful” and that he was “getting all my inspiration” from it.

Since the disappearance, few details have been confirmed or made public.

Additionally, the family has hired a private investigator.

Investigator Gavin Burrows tweeted that he believed Levi was being extorted shortly after his X Factor performance.

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He stated, “After Levi Davis’ case was brought to light, we received valuable alleged information from several former participants and other fellow contestants in the X Factor program over several years who confirmed the claims made in Davis’ video appear to be true.”

Burrows was referring to a now-deleted video in which he claimed to have been captured performing sexual acts on drugged individuals.

Since then, Levi’s passport was discovered at the Barcelona port, prompting Burrows to speculate that Levi may have drowned.